Update: NU’EST W Gives A New Look At “Dejavu” MV Through JR’s Teaser

Update June 23 KST:

NU’EST W has released JR’s MV teaser for their return with “Dejavu”!

Updated June 22 KST:

NU’EST W has shared Aron’s MV teaser for “Dejavu”!

Updated June 21 KST:

NU’EST W’s Baekho is the latest member to feature in a teaser for “Dejavu”!

Updated June 20 KST:

NU’EST W has shared a preview of their title track “Dejavu,” featuring member Ren!

Updated June 19 KST:

NU’EST W is giving fans a preview of all their new songs through an album pre-listening video! Their mini album “Who, You” featuring the title track “Dejavu” is due out on June 25.

Updated June 18 KST:

NU’EST W has released another gorgeous photo for their upcoming mini album “Who, You”!

Updated June 17 KST:

NU’EST W has unveiled a stunning new group photo for their upcoming comeback!

The group also teased fans by releasing four mysterious images on its official Twitter account with the caption “WHO BOX TOUR! #PW_HINT.” See if you can decipher them below!

Updated June 16 KST:

NU’EST W has gifted fans with another photo for their comeback with “Who, You”!

Updated June 15 KST:

NU’EST W has shared another set of teaser photos for “Who, You”!

Updated June 14 KST:

NU’EST W has some more teaser photos for their return with the mini album “Who, You”!

Updated June 13 KST:

NU’EST W has released individual teasers for their return with “Who, You” and the title track “Dejavu”! The photos feature each of the members in suits as they sit in chairs faced away from the camera.





Updated June 12 KST:

NU’EST W has shared a track list for their comeback with “Who, You”!

The group’s new title track will be “Dejavu,” which was composed by Bumzu and Baekho, with Baekho, JR, and Bumzu writing the lyrics. Baekho and JR were also involved in the creation of all of their other five tracks.

Check out the details below!

Original Article:

NU’EST W has released the first teaser for their upcoming comeback!

It was previously announced that NU’EST W would be making their comeback in June, and the members confirmed the news with handwritten letters announcing the date to be June 25.

With two weeks left till their first comeback in eight months since the release of “W, HERE” and its title track “Where You At,” NU’EST W has released their first teaser in the form of a prologue clip. It has a eerie feeling as an ornate mirror is shown. A young child appears in front of it before the title of their comeback is revealed to be “Who, You.”

NU’EST W will be making their comeback on June 25 at 6 p.m. KST.

Check out the teaser below and share your thoughts and theories with us!

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