10 Lively Double Speed Dances From “Weekly Idol” You Have To Check Out

“Weekly Idol” has become a staple in the list of show appearances that idols go on. The show is known for its humorous MCs, exciting activities, and games, and a couple traditions that all idols are familiar with. One of those traditions is the double speed dance, where they take one of the group’s song and have them dance it at two times the regular speed of the song. Here’s some of the best double speed dances of some of the toughest choreography out there! Check out how your favorite groups nailed it:

1. “If You Do” by GOT7

As if the choreography isn’t hard enough, GOT7 doesn’t even flinch at the thought of having to dance to “If You Do” at double speed. Aside from their exceptional dance skills, watching Hani get all giddy and share her excitement on the side is what you should watch for!

2. “Wild Eyes” – Shinhwa

These men don’t let the fact that this song is almost 20 years old get in the way of them keeping up with the trends in K-pop. So naturally, they take on the double speed challenge and ace it. And of course Minwoo would be the one to joke around!

3. “Boombayah” – BLACKPINK

This song and its choreography are no joke at regular speed. The leg tunnel, the sliding, the head banging, and spinning – none of it is easy. But the ladies of BLACKPINK do it without even blinking. Really, we’re not sure they blinked! Is there anything they can’t do?

4. “HER” – Block B

Although they lose a few there in attempting to dance at double speed, they manage to finish and also look like they got a work out! You can tell that in between catching their breaths, Block B has fun doing it, which is most important!


Whose heart is beating faster? Ours or the members of TWICE from dancing? If it looks exceedingly difficult, we can only imagine how hard it was, but the ladies complete the challenge with grace. Momo even nailed her dance solo!

6. “Russian Roulette” – Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s faces of shock in the beginning are too funny, but they manage to get the hang of it. Although they think they’re going to get a breather towards the end, even the slow part seems fast. They definitely are having fun by the end.

7. “Don’t Wanna Cry” – SEVENTEEN

Their synchronization is surely to knock your socks off, drop your jaw on the floor, and all those extreme metaphors used to describe being shook (in a good way). Just like the animations added, they really are like energy bunnies.


Known for their phenomenal choreography, GFRIEND doesn’t take a minute to breathe. Their award winning choreography is already at a very high difficulty to do at regular speed, yet they do it flawlessly at double. You can tell it’s impressive when the other groups’ mouths all form O’s. This makes us wonder if they practice at double speed before going on the show.

9. “Gashina” – Sunmi

It’s hard enough dancing alone, but imagine adding double speed to that. Fortunately, Sunmi absolutely kills it and reminds us why the choreography of “Gashina” is so catchy and imitated by millions across the world. Do you think everyone who has learned it could do it at double speed too?


Finally, this list would not be complete without BIGBANG’s appearance on “Weekly Idol.” They clearly know how to entertain viewers and the MCs. Their silliness shines through and is absolutely one of the top reasons why everyone loves BIGBANG so much.

Which double speed dance from “Weekly Idol” do you like watching the most? Let us know in the comments!

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