HALO’s Dino Unable To Perform At Upcoming Concert Due To Military Enlistment

HALO’s Dino has announced that he will be enlisting in the military in the near future.

On June 11, HALO’s agency revealed that due to Dino’s impending military enlistment, he would not be able to participate in the group’s upcoming first solo concert in Korea. The agency stated, “Because of [HALO] member Dino’s military enlistment, he will not be able to take part in HALO’s solo concert ‘Have A Good Time’ in Seoul 2018, which is scheduled to take place on July 28.”

The agency continued, “We apologize for having to suddenly share this unfortunate news with the fans, both in Korea and abroad, who have always given HALO their love and support. We are still in the process of adjusting our future schedule, so in the case of a change, we will inform you by releasing a notice. We ask for your generous understanding.”

Dino previously posted a handwritten letter to his fans on June 9 to inform them of his upcoming military service. He wrote, “Hello, this is HALO’s Dino. Although this is sudden, I wanted to tell you the news first, so I decided to write this handwritten letter. In order to fulfill my military duties, I will be away for a short while.”

He went on, “Four years have already passed since our debut. Many things happened during that time, but thanks to all the fans who laughed and cried together with us, it was a happy time, and it has left many fond memories in my heart.

“Although I still can’t believe [that I’m leaving], thanks to the support of HALOVEs [HALO’s fan club name], I will return as a stronger man. From now on, you’ll be seeing less of Jo Dino’s cute side, hehe. I say this all the time, but I believe that HALO, as well as I, Dino, only exist because of all of you.

“I will serve and return in good health, so please don’t worry too much, and I hope that you all work hard at following your dreams. I promise to greet you all again on stage, so let’s meet each other again [then]. I love you.”

HALO most recently made a comeback last month with the digital single “O.M.G.” Although the group’s upcoming concert in Seoul is their first domestic solo concert since debuting in 2014, HALO successfully completed a tour of Japan in May, with Dino performing at all stops of the tour.

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