Once Picture Files Civil Suit Against Suzy

Suzy is now dealing with a civil suit from Once Picture studio.

Once Picture officially submitted a civil suit for compensation for damages against Suzy, the two individuals who posted the government petition, and others. On June 11, Once Picture’s legal representative Kim Jae Hyung confirmed that the petitions have been submitted.

A source from JYP Entertainment said, “We have yet to receive the petition. We are checking now.”

The civil suits stem from a government petition titled “Hapjeong XXPicture Illegal Nude Filming.” The petition was centered around YouTube content creator Yang Ye Won’s confession about being sexually harassed while working part-time as a model three years ago. Suzy and over 10,000 other individuals signed the petition to support an official investigation.

However, Once Picture (the studio mentioned in the petition) turned out to be unrelated to the studio involved in Yang Ye Won’s case. Thus, Once Picture revealed their intentions to take legal action against the individuals who posted the government petition, individuals who circulated [the petition], the cyber terrorists, the Blue House which neglected the petition regarding defamation, and Suzy.

Suzy previously apologized to the studio on May 19. However, Once Picture responded that they will move forward with the civil suit due to the damages they have incurred.

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