MBC Issues Apology Following Controversy Surrounding “On The Border” Episode

On June 11, MBC posted an official statement to apologize for causing offense through the latest episode of its travel show “On the Border.”

Their English statement is as follows:

“This is MBC ‘On the Border’ production team. Some images in the ‘Jordan-Israel episode,’ primarily intended to enhance understanding on various religions, were found out to be inappropriate.

“We received many comments about ‘picture image used for Islam’s Prophet, Muhammad’ and ‘usage of a certain national flag on the Dome of the Rock.’

“We deeply apologize for causing offend to Muslims and other audiences.

“‘On the Border’ was produced in order to examine the history and culture of two adjacent countries with impartial point of view. Following ‘U.S-Mexico episode’ and ‘France-Germany episode,’ we hope to approach the two countries’ history and culture without prejudice in ‘Jordan-Israel episode’ as well.

“We will be more cautious to check and pay attention to the most detailed parts as well as the overall context, so that audiences of different cultural backgrounds do not feel offended. Once again, we express our sincere apologies. Thank you for your attention.”

Following the airing of this episode of “On the Border” on June 8, there was an outcry over images used to depict the area to viewers.

MBC’s apology has been met with a largely negative response on Twitter, and many have stated that it causes further offense.

MBC also was criticized last year for its portrayal of Muslims in the drama “Man Who Lives to Die.”

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