Lee Joo Yeon To Complicate Love Lines With Her First Appearance In “The Undateables”

Lee Joo Yeon, an actress and a former After School member, will make her first appearance in SBS’s “The Undateables” on June 14.

“The Undateables” tells the comic story of Hoon Nam (Namgoong Min), a man who doesn’t believe in love, and Jung Eum (Hwang Jung Eum), a woman who has given up dating due to the harsh reality.

In the drama, Lee Joo Yeon plays the role of Soo Ji, an acquaintance of Hoon Nam whom he met in Australia. Soo Ji is a free-spirited girl with a laid-back personality. Her appearance will add tension to the drama as she sparks conflicts between Jung Eum and Hoon Nam.

The released stills show Soo Ji flipping through the magazine “Le Chic,” where Hoon Nam is working as an editor at. Although she abruptly appears in front of Hoon Nam again, she looks relaxed and comfortable wearing a t-shirt and short pants as she lies on his sofa.

The pictures also highlight Soo Ji’s flashy looks. Her long dangly earrings, many rings, and bright blue fingernails show that Soo Ji is a person who loves to style herself.

Jung Eum soon enters the house, taken aback by the unexpected presence of Soo Ji. As Jung Eum stands frozen near the door holding a plastic bag, Soo Ji looks at her across her shoulder on the sofa. Hoon Nam’s spotless house now has female clothes lying around everywhere with a surfing board leaning on a chair.

Unlike relaxed Soo Ji, Jung Eum is dressed up from head to toe. Instead of her usual casual look, she is wearing a green dress and high heels that reflect her wish to impress Hoon Nam.

The production staff of “The Undateables” shared, “Soo Ji will add energy to the drama with her bubbly charms.” They added, “The romance between Hoon Nam and Jung Eum will enter a new phase with Soo Ji’s appearance. Please look forward to ‘The Undateables’ that will get more interesting with the introduction of Soo Ji.”

“The Undateables” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST. The drama will not air on June 13 due to the local elections. Watch the latest episode below!

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