Kim Hwan Hee Thanks EXO’s Suho For Their Chemistry In “Student A”

Actress Kim Hwan Hee recently appeared as a guest on MBC Radio’s “FM Film Music with Han Ye Ri” to promote her new movie “Student A.”

“Student A” is a film adaptation of a webtoon, and is about a female student named Mi Rae (Kim Hwan Hee) who loves gaming and is a talented writer, but has very low self-esteem. She was hurt by the first two friends she ever made, Baek Hab (Jung Da Bin) and Tae Yang (Yoo Jae Sang), but is able to begin healing with the help of Jae Hee (EXO’s Suho).

When asked about what it was like to work with Suho, Kim Hwan Hee said, “I filmed with EXO’s Suho, but in the beginning I was very shy and introverted.”

She continued, “Suho actually approached me first, joked around, and talked to me which made me less nervous. So I think our acting chemistry was good, too.”

“Student A” will be released in theaters on June 20.

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