12 Things Only NCT Fans Understand

Being a fan of NCT might seem tiring at first sight, but understanding the concept, getting to know the boys, and learning about all the fandom jokes is the most fun one could have, and it’s absolutely worth the time. These 18 boys are full of fun, and they never fail to put huge smiles on our faces. Even when they give us secondhand embarrassment, they warm our hearts, so it’s high time to talk about some of their most legendary moments!

Let’s be real, NCTzens will probably never get tired of these jokes!

Thor’s hammer or Melona ice cream bar?

NCT and their fans finally got an official lightstick this year and it already became a center of many inside jokes in the fandom.

The boys themselves looked kinda confused when they first revealed their official lightsticks.

Fans even compared the lightsticks to Thor’s hammer, and it turned out they weren’t alone, because Jaehyun thought the exact same thing!

And if this wasn’t enough, Jeno said the lightstick resembled Korea’s popular ice cream bar, Melona!

TY Track

There are some things that will never get old, and Taeyong’s lines in Red Velvet’s “Be Natural” are definitely among them. Haechan is the one to always remind us just how iconic this introduction was.

Vroom Vroom Talk Show

Before Doyoung became the resident MC on “Inkigayo,” he had his own really successful talk show with his members. This is how legends are born I guess.

“Red Flavor” will never be the same

It all started with a tipsy Mark imitating a part of Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor” in a rather funny way. As expected from NCT 127, they didn’t let the kid live after his embarrassing (but extremely cute) production.

“Red Flavor” is also known as “Bluh Bluh Bluh,” at least according to Lucas, who had to try the song’s title on one of their shows.

You can also catch members Johnny, Jaehyun, Haechan, and Chenle dancing the song’s choreo in this video, so don’t miss it!

NCT members not knowing their own songs

Again, sometimes NCT members are more lost than the fans themselves. The curse started on Jaehyun’s and Johnny’s “NCT Night Night” where the duo and Taeyong named their song “Baby Don’t Cry” instead of “Baby Don’t Like It,” They were the kings of promoting EXO, but the whole scene was truly adorable!

You can also see Haechan forgetting the lyrics of said song, so really, “Baby Don’t Like It” is a cursed song. But so is the outro song of their latest album, “Empathy.” It was Mark who couldn’t recognize “Vision” and thought it was the soundtrack of a drama.

To make it better, Ten even failed to recognized his own solo song, “Dream In A Dream.” His reaction was priceless!

When it comes to love, age doesn’t matter

Everything that comes out of Lucas’s mouth is legendary and hilarious, but his reaction to a fan being worried that he is older than the members is simply the best.

I see…the vision

Once you’ve heard Chenle and Renjun’s version of “Outro: Vision,” you can’t hear it any other way.

I just want some milk

NCT members have a long list of amazing predebut moments (we could write a whole novel only about Chenle’s, Ten’s, and Johnny’s predebut pictures), but Jaehyun’s English monologue is a whole new level of cute.

Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation

Is it a boxer? Is it a runner? No, it’s Jung Jaehyun! Honestly, the world needs more fashion shows like Johnny’s!

Yo Dream!

The dreamies are the biggest squad goals any NCTzen has ever had, and we all want a cool chant like this!


When the foreign swaggers are together we can be 100 percent sure something meme-worthy will come out of it. If it’s not Jaehyun’s “I lived in America for 4 years,” then it’s Johnny’s pun with his name and Ten only thinking of Johnny’s banana. As expected from our foreign swaggers, quality content.

Mark and Gordon Ramsay

A fan on Twitter sent in Mark’s omelette for Gordon Ramsay to evaluate, and the man knew no mercy, as always: he recommended the fan to go back to Tinder and find a new boyfriend. Funny thing is the NCT members also know about this story now, and they are making sure Mark won’t ever forget this!

NCTzens! We know there are way too many funny moments to talk about so tell us in the comments below which ones were your favorites!

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