MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, MOMOLAND’s Daisy, And More Reveal Why They’re Appearing On New Math Variety Show

The cast of tvN’s “My Mathematics Puberty” (literal title) shared their thoughts on the upcoming math variety show.

“My Mathematics Puberty” will feature five “renouncers of math” ranging from their teens to the 40s who will take on the challenge of learning math again.

Each of the cast members shared their reasons for why they decided to appear on the show. Park Ji Yoon said that she gave up on math back when she was in school and decided to overcome her fear so that this trait wouldn’t be passed down to her child.

She said, “There were many great tips starting in the first hour of ‘My Mathematics Puberty.’ I’m learning many tricks that will help me keep up with my child’s school lessons that are too good for only me to know them.” She added that she looked forward to seeing the wave of ‘My Math Adolescence’ catch on amongst parents with children in school.

Lee Chun Soo revealed that his goal was to become a good dad who can study math so that he can teach it to his daughter. He explained, “I think soccer is a probability. It’s because we can do a comparative analysis between our team and the opposing team through the winning rate and can figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the players through the success rate of an attack according to each position. I’ve had many jobs where I’ve had to do randomization, so I’m 100 percent confident.”

MONSTA X’s Minyhuk honestly confessed that he hasn’t studied math in the past 10 years. The idol said that he hoped to become closer with numbers and calculations through the show. He added, “I want to convey the message to many fans who are in middle and high school that it’s not too late and to not give up on math.”

MOMOLAND’s Daisy explained that her scores weren’t good compared to the amount of time she devoted to studying math. Through the show, she hopes to check her math skills and become better at the subject.

Bringing up her background of going to school in Canada, Daisy added, “There’s a difference between Korea and Canada’s ways of learning math. I think Korea emphasizes the correct answer while Canada emphasizes the process of approaching the correct answer.”

The Boyz’s Sunwoo revealed that he is usually very curious, and is interested in the process of learning something. He said, “Through ‘My Mathematics Puberty,’ I thought that it’d be a good opportunity to relearn math, which I just thought of as something that is difficult.”

He continued, “I think math is appealing because there’s a set definite answer, while that’s not the case in life. I want to become confident in math.” As a student who will soon take the Korean college entrance exam, he said that he will apply what he learns on the show when he’s doing the exam.

“My Mathematics Puberty” will premiere on June 26 at 7 p.m. KST.

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