Lee Hwi Jae’s Twins And Oh Ji Ho’s Daughter Have Grown So Much Since “The Return Of Superman”

Lee Hwi Jae’s wife Moon Jung Won recently updated her Instagram with photos of Seo Eon and Seo Jun, their twins, who Korea watched grow up through the twins’ time on “The Return of Superman.” The twins left the show on April 8, and now, two months later, they’ve already grown a lot!

Moon Jung Won said, “At the park in front of the house with the twins. The kids are eating kimbap and catching ladybugs, and Mom and Dad are eating hard-boiled eggs.”

In matching blue shirts, the adorable twins posed for the camera, Seo Eon standing at attention, and Seo Jun, the younger twin, giving the camera some sass with a hand on his hip.

Actor Oh Ji Ho also updated fans with his daughter Seo Heun after participating in the 2018 local elections. The pair left “The Return of Superman” in 2016; Seo Heun’s gotten so big in two years!

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