MYTEEN’s Lee Tae Vin Thanks EXO’s Suho For Helping Him Through His 1st Drama Cameo

MYTEEN’s Lee Tae Vin thanked EXO’s Suho as he opened up about his experience making a special cameo appearance in the drama “Rich Man, Poor Woman.”

Episode 11 of “Rich Man, Poor Woman” followed Lee Yoo Chan (EXO’s Suho) as he struggled to deal with the issue of an information leak that had been orchestrated by Min Tae Joo (Oh Chang Suk).

Lee Yoo Chan had a rough time when he had to face his shareholders after shares plummeted. Amidst the criticisms thrown at him rose young shareholder Lee Jae Young (Lee Tae Vin), who shared that he had become a fan of Lee Yoo Chan after investing in the company and declared that he trusted the CEO to fix the problem. Lee Yoo Chan thanked him, and promised to never forget his name and that he would prove that Lee Jae Young’s faith was not in vain.

MYTEEN’s Lee Tae Vin said, “It was my first appearance in a drama, and I was so nervous that I’m not completely satisfied with myself. It was an honor to share this experience with a director I’ve always admired. I also want to thank Suho, Lee Jae Jin, and Ha Yeon Soo for taking such good care of me.”

He continued to add, “Suho was especially kind as he approached me first and struck up a conversation with me. He expressed his support for me and helped calm my nerves. He was such a great source of strength and I’m so grateful. I hope to become a person who is loved as both a singer and an actor like him.”

Catch “Rich Man, Poor Woman” below!

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