Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Expresses Gratitude And Sadness As She Bids Farewell To Her Dog Hani

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri has said goodbye to her pet Hani.

In May, she had shared via Instagram that Hani was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease.

On June 14, she revealed that Hani died while she was out of town.

With several photos, Yuri wrote, “I made eye contact with you and prayed that you would be well until I return. The day that I got on the plane with a heavy heart after filling my mind with the image of you, you must have been dragging your sick body and enduring until the end to greet me goodbye as you have always done. Our Hani. I received such great love and comfort from you, who was constantly by my side from the beginning until the end.”

She continued, “Angel Hani who must be somewhere in heaven right now, I will cherish all of my times with you deeply in my heart for a long time.”

“I hope your times with us were happy. I hope you will be with me for a longer amount of time in the next life. I hope you will wait for me who will go to meet you someday. Angel Hani, thank you, I love you, and I’m sorry,” Yuri concluded.

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너와 눈을 맞추고 내내 기도했어 제발 언니가 돌아오는 그날까지 잘 있어줘야 한다고, 그런 널 눈 안에 가득 담고서는 무거운 맘으로 비행기를 탔던 그날, 어쩌면 이제껏 늘 그랬듯 언니를 배웅해주려 그 아픈 몸 이끌고 끝까지 버티고 버텼던 거였겠구나 우리 하니. 처음부터 끝까지 한결같이 내 곁을 지켜줬던 너한테 받은 사랑과 위로가 너무 커 내 깊은 가슴속에 오랫동안 간직할게 너와의 모든 시간 빠짐없이 지금쯤 저 하늘 어딘가에 있을 천사하니 우리와 함께한 지난 시간이 행복했었기를.. 다음 생엔 더 오래 나와 함께해주기를.. 언젠간 널 만나러 갈 나를 기다려주기를.. 고맙고 사랑하고 미안해 천사 하니야

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In another post, Yuri uploaded more photos of Hani with the caption, “2011.09.19 – 2018.5.28. Hani, thank you, and I love you.”

Yuri’s third post shows the urn, which contains the text, “She has become a pretty star in the night sky.” Her caption reads, “Thank you so much to our fans who gave love to Hani. I’m sure Hani won’t be able to forget in heaven.”

Rest in peace, Hani.

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