Watch: Super Junior And SHINee Face Off In Hilarious Preview For “Super TV 2”

Super Junior and SHINee will be reuniting for what promises to be a legendary episode of “Super TV 2”!

On June 14, a preview was shared for the third episode of Super Junior’s variety show “Super TV 2.” After announcing the two SM Entertainment boy groups’ upcoming battle, the clip gives fans a quick glimpse of SHINee’s Key, Minho, and Onew performing “Good Evening” on set.

It then shows Key politely telling Yesung, “I think it might be better if you were quiet,” which Yesung is quick to agree with.

Donghae and Minho are also shown in a face off, with Donghae saying to him, “You’re doing this with your hyungs, you should be a bit nervous.” This seemingly provokes Minho’s competitive side as he replies “You’re doing this with your dongsaengs so — ” before descending into gibberish.

The two groups go head to head in more games, and SHINee shakes up Super Junior with their success. The preview ends with Leeteuk toppling over Onew on a soccer field before saying, “This is so tiring!”

Watch the preview below:

SHINee’s guest appearance on “Super TV 2” will air on June 21 at 8 p.m. KST.