Red Velvet’s Yeri Shows Her Love For Ha Yeon Soo By Sending Gift To “Rich Man, Poor Woman” Set

Ha Yeon Soo received a gift from Red Velvet’s Yeri and their friends!

On June 14, Ha Yeon Soo shared photos of a coffee truck she’d received on the set of “Rich Man, Poor Woman.” She wrote in the captions, “The coffee truck that Yerim [Yeri’s real name], Hyejin, Areum, and Surin got together to send to me. They’re together with [Yeri and me] through the sticker.”

The truck’s banner features a photo of Yeri and Ha Yeon Soo with the caption, “This is why it’s good to have family, right? Drink it all up, Bo Ra Bo Ra. I’ll be waiting, so hurry!” The text includes a play on words with the name of Ha Yeon Soo’s “Rich Man, Poor Woman” character Kim Bo Ra.

Another banner on the side features a message that thanks everyone for working together with Ha Yeon Soo and cheers them on as they wrap up filming.

Ha Yeon Soo also shared photos of a coffee truck on the set of “Rich Man, Poor Woman” with banners that she’d personally designed for everyone.

Ha Yeon Soo is currently starring in “Rich Man, Poor Woman” alongside EXO’s Suho. Watch “Rich Man, Poor Woman” below!