3 Summer Beauty Trends Korean Celebrities Are Loving

As the weather gets warmer, more celebrities are embracing brighter, bolder looks to fit the season.

CeCi Korea recently took a look at some of the beauty trends that celebrities personally picked as some of their favorites to follow this season.

Winged Eyeliner

One of the newer makeup trends that is on the rise is to define your eyes with winged eyeliner and add a touch of color to create a bold, but still wearable look.

Won Jung Yo, who is in charge of TWICE’s makeup, explained that it is important to pay attention to the intensity of your eyeshadow. She suggested selecting colors that have a bit of sparkle to them instead of just solid colors, and to pay attention to the thickness of the eyeliner when creating a winged look.

“Fluorescent” Lipstick

No matter the season, a red lip is always a crowd favorite, whether it be matte or glossy. Dubbed the “fluorescent lip look,” red lipstick that has more tomato or coral undertones is a popular pick in Korea. Many like to give a pop of color with a fluorescent lip while keeping everything else as simple as possible with a softer base and minimal eyes. As opposed to the gradient lip that has been dominating the past few years, a full lip is arguably the “go-to” look this season.

The Return of Short Hair

Warmer weather means the resurgence of shorter hairstyles. With celebrities like Han Ye Seul, Shin Se Kyung, f(x)’s Krystal, and Girl’s Day’s Sojin sporting variations of a bob, more people are going for shorter locks, finding a style, length, and color that suits them.

For tips on how to maintain a shorter hair look, actress Go Jun Hee’s hair designer Kim Gwee Ae recommends taming unwanted flyaways with a straight perm and letting your hair naturally air dry.

Which one of these beauty trends will you be sporting this summer?

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