9 Heart-Fluttering Moments From Episodes 3 And 4 Of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” has only aired four episodes, but it has already quickly become one of my favorite K-dramas at the moment. I think a lot of the reason for its success has to do with the two main leads — Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon. Their acting and chemistry are really carrying the story! Here’s a look at 9 of those heart-fluttering moments from episodes three and four that really had us super excited.


1. The almost kiss

Although Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) had the entire date and kiss planned well in advance, I still couldn’t help but get over their chemistry during this “almost kiss.” I also couldn’t help but chuckle when she stuck the huge stuffed cow in his face. They’re just too adorable!

2. The appearance of Young Joon’s hyung

Finally. The moment we’ve been waiting for. The appearance of the dashing Lee Tae Hwan, who plays Young Joon’s older brother, Sung Yeon.


We know that there’s going to be an intense love triangle and all I’ve been thinking is, ‘that lucky girl Park Min Young.’ Although, the guys are pretty lucky themselves, as she’s quite the beauty!

3. The many times Young Joon couldn’t stop staring at Mi So

He’s got it bad.

Reallllll bad.

And we’re excited!!!

4. Chansung’s appearance

Chansung also made his first appearance in this series as the popular employee, Go Gwi Nam. Although we’re not really sure what his specific role is going to be yet, we’re pretty happy that he’s going to be around. There’s just so much eye-candy!

5. The jealousy

We love how Young Joon tries to act cool and collected; he thinks he’s got Mi So in the palm of his hand. This makes it all the more adorable when he reacts so crazy with his jealousy.

6. That hand grab!!!

The way Young Joon grabs Mi So’s hand is full of so much affection. This seemed like the first time he was genuine with his intentions wherein it wasn’t planned. Totally here for it.


7. That look of relief on Young Joon’s face

After he gets into a big fight with his brother, Young Joon goes straight to Mi So’s house. It’s adorable seeing how comforted he feels just by seeing her. That look!

8. When he holds her closer

Were you squealing? ‘Cause I totally was.

9. And says that heart-stopping line

How can we even wait until next week?!

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