Update: Lee Je Hoon Confirmed To Play Leading Role In New SBS Drama Chae Soo Bin Is In Talks For

Updated June 15 KST:

Lee Je Hoon has made his final decision to appear in the SBS drama “Where Stars Land”!

Saram Entertainment confirmed on June 15 that the actor will be appearing in the upcoming SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama, and is currently discussing the finer details such as the filming schedule with the production staff.

This will be Lee Je Hoon’s first drama in a year and a half since tvN’s “Tomorrow With You.” Since the 2017 drama, the actor had mostly focused on his film career, appearing in “I Can Speak” and also filming “Time to Hunt” (tentative title).

Chae Soo Bin has not made a decision yet on whether she will appear in the drama.

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Original Article:

Chae Soo Bin may be teaming up with Lee Je Hoon in an upcoming drama!

It was reported on June 15 that Chae Soo Bin would be appearing in the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Where Stars Land.” In response, the actress’s agency Toin Entertainment stated, “She has received an offer but she is looking over it and has not made a decision yet.”

Lee Je Hoon is currently in talks to play the leading male role in the drama. His agency Saram Entertainment stated that the actor is still considering whether to take the offer, which has not changed from their previous statement earlier this month. Park Shin Hye had originally been in talks to join the drama, but she eventually turned down the offer and joined tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra.”

“Where Stars Land” will be giving viewers a closer look at the hectic lives of those who work at Incheon Airport. The drama will be written by Kang Eun Kyung, whose other works include “Baker King, Kim Tak Goo,” “Gu Family Book,” and “Romantic Doctor Kim.” The director will be Shin Woo Chul of “Secret Garden” “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” and “Gu Family Book.”

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