6 Best K-Beauty Moments From The Top MVs Of 2018 And How To Recreate Them

We’re just halfway into the year, but so many amazing MVs have seen the light of day already. The music, the aesthetic, the stages, the fashion, and of course the makeup; it’s all just too good to be true. Have you also been watching a video and felt the urge to know how they accomplished the looks so your can run to your nearest beauty store and get everything you need to replicate it? No? Just us? Whatever the case, we rounded up some remarkable beauty moments from the top MVs of 2018, including tips on how to recreate them.

“Bad Boy” – Red Velvet


The innocent-bad-girl vibes in this video got us running to grab our eyeshadow palettes and the brightest lipstick we could find. If you’re in the mood for a bold yet feminine look starring bright colors for the lips, velvety skin, and light smokey eyes, then this is the one for you. Want to give it a try? Here’s how!

  1. Using a warm shades palette, swipe a layer of bronze eyeshadow over your upper eyelid starting at the tear duct all across to your upper eyelid without going higher than the fold, and repeat the same on your lower eyelid. Then, using brown eyeshadow and a thin brush, draw a line over your upper lash line starting at the tear duct and go all the way to the opposite corner (you can extend it a little to get a cat-eye effect).
  2. Finish your eyes by applying a layer of smudge-proof mascara and seal the deal with a touch of red or hot pink on your lips with a matte finish lip lacquer, making sure to follow their natural frame.

pinterest / lipstutorial

“Bboom Bboom” – MOMOLAND


“Bboom Bboom” has the whole package. Not only does the song get stuck in your head whenever you listen to it, but the video has us obsessed with its aesthetic, and of course that includes the makeup. A very soft and easy look that highlights the eyes with peachy shades and some glitter while keeping it simple and rose-blushed for the lips, this is a look you can pull off any day of the week if you’re in the mood for something cute and bright.

  1. Start by applying a layer of coral eyeshadow all across your upper eyelid, not going higher than the crease.
  2. Then swipe a layer of gold glitter pigment across your lower eyelid from the tear duct to the end of your lash line for an extra glam and bright effect.
  3. Use a brown eyeliner to draw a thin line all across your upper lash line.
  4. Finally, apply glossy coral lip tint on your lips and some lightweight mascara, and you’re ready to Bboom Bboom the world.

palette / yesstyle

“Fake Love” – BTS


From the vocals to the raps, the outfits, the scenarios, the theories, and the makeup, BTS always leaves us wanting more. In this case, all we want is to know the secrets behind the nostalgic-dark looks they pulled off this time, embracing light, smokey eyeshadows for simple, yet intense makeup. Nude colors reign in this look, which focuses mainly on the eyes and showcases smooth, imperfection-free skin. Wanna give it a try?

  1. First make sure to cover all red marks, sunspots, eye bags, and breakouts with a moisturizing concealer in order to even out the color of your skin without stressing it out.
  2. Right after, use a natural full coverage cushion to imitate BTS’s flawless complexion.
  3. As for the eyes, your best friend for this look will be brown eyeshadow. Using a blending brush, swipe it all across your upper lid, going no higher than the crease, and create the illusion of a shadow that extends your lids by drawing a sideways “V” on the outer corner of your eye. Then swipe the brush across your lower lash line to add that mysterious effect.
  4. Finish up by using a lip concealer around the edges of your lips for them to look a little pale and add a touch of light pink right in the middle with a cushion lip tint and tap with your fingers to blend both shades together for a very natural result.

“What is Love?” – TWICE


There’s nothing like a perfect no-makeup makeup look (a.k.a the most popular makeup trend in Korea) for an I-Woke-Up-Like-This effect, and that’s what the TWICE girls went for when filming “What is Love?” Smooth, vibrant skin, rosy lips, and a little intensity on the eyes is all you need to sit right by Nayeon and wonder what love is all about.

  1. Start off by using a glittery coral eyeshadow stick to draw a stripe over your upper lid and continue by swapping a Light Silver Eyeshadow Stick over your lower lash line to highlight your eyelashes. Remember to go very light. One swipe is enough! You want to make it look very natural.
  2. Using a slim brown eyeliner, draw a line over your upper lash line starting at the tear duct and ending a little after your outer V. To finish the eyes, add some lightweight mascara to the mix.
  3. Finally, apply two or three drops of peach or rose lip tint on both your lips and your cheeks, using your fingers to dab and blend.

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“Boomerang” – Wanna One


Now things get intense. For “Boomerang,” the Wanna One boys not only went strong for the dark eyeshadow and eyeliner paired with soft-tinted lips, but also showcased statue-like skin, making sure to cover any trace of redness. Sounds scary, but it’s in fact very easy to accomplish.

  1. Start by using a full coverage BB cushion all over your face that will provide you with a polished and velvety complexion.
  2. Follow up by using a chocolate black eyeliner with a smudge side over both your upper and lower lash lines in order to frame your whole eye. Then, use the sponge side to blur the lines a little.
  3. Continue by applying black eyeshadow from your lashes to the crease of your eye and follow up by using a small brush to apply the shadow along your lower lash line. To finish your eyes, smudge the shadow at the crease and along bottom lashes so there are no harsh lines (mascara is optional, but would definitely help intensify the look).
  4. Finish up by adding a little gloss to your lips with a colored lip balm, and if you feel like it, just pair it up with dark clothes and you’re ready to be Wanna One’s 12th member.

Tina Yong / beautylish



This super anticipated comeback didn’t disappoint. We all waited long enough for BLACKPINK to release their first mini album, and now that it’s here, we are playing it non-stop. The title track “DDU-DU DDU-DU” not only brought incredible musical moments and a beat that will repeat itself in our heads probably all year long, but it blessed us with killer beauty looks, with Jisoo’s all-pink taking the crown, in our opinion. Bright lips, intense eyes, and velvet-like skin sum up this makeup that will get you ready to takeover any area. Ready to look as glorious as they do? Then take notes.

  1. Start by swapping a layer of metallic pink eyeshadow all across both your upper and lower eyelid. Make sure to extend the shadow a little further than your outer V for a dramatic effect.
  2. Pick a liquid silver eyeshadow and swipe it over your upper eyelid without going all the way to the outer corner to add some highlight to your look, and repeat the same on the inner corner of your eye and over the waterline.
  3. Using a mocha eyeshadow and a thin, straight brush, draw a line over your upper lash line all the way from the tear duct to the outer V of your eye and extend it a little to get that subtle cat eye effect, and finish up your eyes with a touch of black mascara.
  4. Finally, use a dark rose lipstick, and if you feel like it, add a bubblegum bob-shaped wig, and your monochrome pink look will be complete!

pinterest / 22ao

Did your favorite looks make the list? If not, let us know which ones we missed in the comments below!

Caromalis is a K-pop and K-beauty obsessed vlogger and writer. You can find her interviewing some of yours (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-Beauty trends, testing idol skincare routines or doing #masKaraoke. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!

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