Girl Power Galore: 20 Diverse Concepts That Female K-Pop Artists Have Blessed Us With In 2018

Let’s face it: 2018 has been a great year for female artists in K-pop. From fresh, new faces to the ever-familiar veterans of the industry, these ladies have all been killing it in their own, unique ways. And although some people like to say all girl groups sound the same, I’m going to prove to you why that’s not the case. Girl group stans watch out, since you’re about to be hit with such a multitude of bops that you might not be able to take it. You’ve been warned!

1. MOMOLAND – “Bboom Bboom”

Proving themselves to be one of the big breakout artists of 2018, MOMOLAND’s “Bboom Bboom” was an unprecedented hit for the group. The addictive horn beat and peppy point dances truly resonated with audiences, and their home shopping MV concept is adorable to boot.

2. EXID – “Lady”

In 2018, EXID came back with the vintage concept that we didn’t even know we needed, and their embodiment of the ’90s era was spot-on. They truly committed to the theme, seeing as their song, fashion, and music video camerawork all felt familiarly refreshing in the way that only throwbacks are.

3. DreamCatcher – “You and I”

Continuing with their signature rocker style, DreamCatcher came back with the next installment of their “Nightmare” series this year. The dance is easily the highlight of “You and I,” since the members make use of props like handkerchiefs and batons.

4. TWICE – “What is Love?”

TWICE’s signature bubbly songs never fail to get stuck in your head, and “What is Love?” is no exception. The iconic movie costumes make for a memorable concept, especially after they performed on stage while wearing those same outfits from the music video!

5. Hyolyn – “Dally”

After leaving SISTAR, Hyolyn truly found her sound by embracing a charismatic and sexy concept. Her confidence is absolutely overflowing, and rightfully so. Not just anyone can do that dance!

6. GFRIEND – “Time for the Moon Night”

As expected from GFRIEND, this song totally sounds like the opening for an anime, especially with that combination of strings and percussion. The story and visuals of the music video are totally dream-like, evoking a kind of nostalgic feeling as you watch.

7. Khan – “I’m Your Girl?”

Though this is only their debut song as a duo, KHAN really shines with this calm R&B track. For people who are more into hip hop than pop, “I’m Your Girl?” is the perfect blend between mainstream idol group and effortlessly cool R&B artist.


Does this one even need an introduction? BLACKPINK’s use of the luxurious badass concept rocked everyone’s world, and their looks were all meant to be statements of power. No scene in this music video is wasted, allowing for us viewers to be entranced the entire time.

9. Suzy – “Sober”

Who else can sing a quirky song about being tipsy as beautifully as Suzy can? Not many people, that’s for sure. This mellow track really has a way of prolonging that build-up, leaving you wanting more throughout the entire listen.

10. PRISTIN V – “Get It”

If you ever need a song to motivate you when you’re feeling down, you should listen to “Get It” ASAP. This beat makes you feel like you can take down an army with one hand tied behind your back, and then some. Also, the dance is incredibly swaggy, contrasting PRISTIN’s normally feminine image.

11. Bolbbalgan4 – “Travel”

If you’re in need of some vacation inspo for this summer, please listen to and watch the music video for “Travel.” Everything about Bolbbalgan4 can put you at ease almost immediately, but this song in particular makes it seem like you’re literally relaxing on a tropical island somewhere.

12. CLC – “Black Dress”

Everything about “Black Dress” is brimming with originality, including but not limited to: that unique EDM drop, the pole dance scene, and those suits. In conclusion, everything about this song is a banger, and nobody can tell me otherwise.

13. Chungha – “Roller Coaster”

Chungha is the pop princess we all dream of in “Roller Coaster,” especially while wearing that sparkly pink outfit. The lighting effects in this music video are to die for, and Chungha’s vocals and dancing are top tier, as usual.

14. AOA – “Bingle Bangle”

For their most recent comeback, AOA embodied a video game-inspired concept into their music video, which added to the overall whimsical feel of “Bingle Bangle.” Seeing AOA dance in an 8-bit vintage diner was something I never anticipated, but I love it nonetheless.

15. BoA – “One Shot, Two Shot”

When you watch BoA perform, you really can’t help but acknowledge her skills as a veteran artist. The ease with which she pulls off the most mature of concepts is admirable, especially since her signature cool dance moves are on full display here.

16. gugudan – “The Boots”

Three words: girls in uniforms. But seriously, something about the simplicity of a boots concept really drew me in, particularly because of the funkiness that this song embodies. You know that you’ll be copying those whistle tones all day after you listen to it!

17. LOONA yyxy – “love4eva” (feat. Grimes)

LOONA’s concept of introducing members one-by-one with separate music videos is already unique, so it’s all the more pleasant when they come out with a distinct song each time. In the upbeat electropop song that is “love4eva,” the four girls of yyxy are acting as rebellious private school girls, with an interesting twist at the end.

18. Sunmi – “Heroine”

As usual, Sunmi didn’t come here to play games with her concepts. “Heroine” is hard-hitting and playful at the same time, a feat which is rather difficult to accomplish. Sunmi is quite honestly the queen of girl crushes, and she knows it.

19. (G)I-DLE – “LATATA”

Despite this only being their debut song, (G)I-DLE performs with the skill of seasoned pros. Something about “LATATA” just defies the mold, since it can’t be described with one word like “cute” or “sexy.” The almost-reggae aspects of their fashion and music add that sort of extra spice to an otherwise flawless concept.

20. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul – “Selfish” (Feat. Red Velvet’s Seulgi)

MAMAMOO and Red Velvet have both been on top of their game lately, so it only seems natural to include this collaboration between these two awesome girls. Women supporting women, am I right?

Which K-girl release of 2018 has been your favorite? Be sure to share yours in the comments below!

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