Stars Who Rock The Curly Hair Trend

One of the current hair trends in Korea right now is fun curls that some call a “poodle perm,” “baby perm,” or a “hippie perm”!

The curls that go all the way from the roots to the ends create both a carefree and natural look. The style is described as easy to manage and there are a lot of possible looks that can be created with it. Although it’s considered by many to be hard to pull off, some stars have proved that they can rock this fun look, whether as an actual perm or a temporary style!

Check out photos of some stars who have been part of making this hairstyle a trend.

Jung Yu Mi

Jung Yu Mi‘s curly perm in “Youn’s Kitchen 2” gave her a permanently cute look, whether her hair was down, in a messy ponytail, or in braids!

Goo Hara

Goo Hara is another star who looks stunning with these curls! The great volume in her hair in these photos in particular gives her a glamorous look.


Former Wonder Girls member Yubin just made her solo debut and chose a beautiful curly look! Even when her hair is up in a bun, she brings the style to the next level with soft curls in her bangs.


Sulli looks so great in this curly style that some people even began to call it “Sulli hair”!


Another artist who has made this style her own is HyunA! Her big curls combined with red lipstick give her a polished and elegant look.

What’s your favorite version of this trend?

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