23 Food Moments On Variety Shows That Make Our Mouths Water

There’s always that awful moment: when you’re watching a variety show and then a mouth-watering food eating segment comes on and you’re suddenly starving. You can’t tear your eyes away from the screen because whatever they/he/she is eating looks like it’s the most delicious meal in the world. We’ve all been there in this silent form of torture. To add to this, here’s a look at 23 moments from variety shows that have made our mouths water.

3 Meals a Day

This variety show has a very simple but unique premise. Guests and members have to make three meals a day, and then eat them. Sounds amazing, right? There’s a few challenges and obstacles in the way as they have to make their own fire in order to cook the food and sometimes even have to fish for their meals (literally), but when their hard work pays off, their meals look amazing.

Care for some pork katsu?

When Lee Jong Suk was a guest on the show, they baked chicken and potatoes in a stone oven. Eric Mun made his “special sauce” and it looked divine.

If you’re not hungry now, I bet you’ll be hungry by the end of this clip:

Or that time they made pizza AND pasta because why not:

They even managed to make dessert (red bean stuffed in bread):

Catch the first episode of “3 Meals a Day: Seaside Ranch”:

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Please Take Care of My Refrigerator

This variety show revolves around popular chefs cooking for guests, so in every single episode, we can see the guests scarfing down some gourmet delicious food.

When Choo Sung Hoon was on the show, the chefs and hosts couldn’t help but admire at how deliciously he devoured the dishes:

Or there was one time when BTS’s Jimin took a huge bite of food, making us wish we were right beside him sharing his meal:

And that time Ong Seong Woo put together the perfect spoonful of noodles, pork, egg, and soup:

Kim Sejeong, who was watching Ong Seong Woo eat his dish, is all of us:

I Live Alone

“I Live Alone” is not a variety show that revolves around food, but it sure does feature a lot of celebrities who mow down on some amazing meals. There was a recent appearance of MAMAMOO’s Hwasa on the show where she ate a specific dish that drew in a large amount of customers to the same restaurant.

Can you see why:

Sung Hoon has been a guest on the show several times and he always does a great job of making the members hungry. Just look at how deliciously he eats his food:

He’s like a never-ending pit!

And that time Lee Gook Joo made spaghetti pizza:

Ugh. Suddenly starving.

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Tasty Guys

If you happen to watch “Tasty Guys,” you’re guaranteed to end up with a grumbling stomach. Four comedians travel to different restaurants to try their most popular and infamous dishes.

These guys can make eating cardboard look good:

Youn’s Kitchen 2

“Youn’s Kitchen” had Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yu Mi, Youn Yuh Jung, and Shin Goo traveling to a foreign country, trying to sell traditional Korean dishes. After the success of their first season, they returned, but this time with Park Seo Joon (which we were obviously thrilled about). The main course for this season involved bibimbap (a traditional Korean dish with assorted vegetables, rice, and meat).

Check out this video to see how it’s made:

They also served this amazing Korean dessert called “Ho tteok.” Skip to 1:45 to see Park Seo Joon making it:

Catch the first episode of “Youn’s Kitchen 2”:

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Happy Together

One of the best parts about the older episodes of “Happy Together” was when they had the late-night snack segment at the second half of the show. Although they still do it once in awhile, it’s not as frequent as we’d like it to be.

Just look.

We can’t forget that infamous clip that AOA’s Seolhyun became famous for. Look at her eat that massive bowl of black bean noodles!

And Hyori’s infamous “Bad Girl Pizza,” which was tortilla topped with peanut butter, bananas, chocolate sauce, and almonds.

Every sweet-tooth’s dream.

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Little House in the Forest

Park Shin Hye and So Ji Sub starred in the first season of “Little House in the Forest.” Although they are given bare minimal supplies to make their meals, they still somehow make it look amazing.

So Ji Sub’s one pan dinner of steak and veggies:

Park Shin Hye’s fried rice with an egg on top:

And obviously there’s the eating part.

Mr. Baek the Homemade Food Master 2

What’s the mention of mouth-watering food moments without mentioning Baek Jong Won? He’s got several shows under his belt and it’s easy to find yourself salivating at the mouth watching his shows. One of my favorite shows from Baek Jong Won is “Mr. Baek the Homemade Food Master 2.” He brings guests on the show who aren’t necessarily the best cooks, but provides them with easy recipes that anyone could make at home.

The amount of deliciousness is endless.

And in case these moments weren’t enough to make you hungry or your mouth water, here’s a few that might just do it.

Hey Soompiers, which of these food moments is making your mouth water? Let me know in the comments below!

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