Powerful Vocalist Currently Active As Project Group Member Amazes Audience On “King of Mask Singer”

The identity of “King of Mask Singer” contestant “Red Panda” was revealed to the main vocalist of two groups!

During the June 17 broadcast of the MBC variety show, “Red Panda” competed in the second round with Nell’s “Drifting Apart.” Successfully winning against his opponent “CD Player,” “Red Panda” then proceeded onto the next round.

In the third round, “Red Panda” put on a sweet performance of Kim Bum Soo’s “Secret Garden OST “Appear” against contestant “Bob Ross,” who showcased Jeon Ram Hwi’s “A Study of Memory” (literal translation).


While the panelists praised him for his rendition, “Red Panda” lost to Bob Ross and had to unmask himself. He revealed himself to be none other than Wanna One’s Ha Sung Woon!

Talking about the reason why he wanted to appear, Ha Sung Woon explained, “I don’t get to sing by myself like this while promoting because I perform a lot of dance songs as Wanna One, so I wanted to try it. Honestly speaking, a lot of people tell me, ‘I saw you on ‘Infinite Challenge.’ I was curious to see if people would recognize me when they heard my voice.” The idol added that he was surprised and thankful that panelists Lee Yoon Seok and Hanhae had guessed his identity correctly when he was still masked.

Ha Sung Woon also revealed how fellow Wanna One members Hwang Minhyun and Kim Jae Hwan gave him advice as they had previously competed on “King of Mask Singer.” He concluded, “To be honest, singing is difficult but I’ve gained confidence today. I will come out with a lot of good music, comforting music. I hope everyone will be happy.”

Additional photos of Ha Sung Woon with his “Red Panda” mask were shared on Wanna One’s Twitter after the program.

Did you figure out it was Ha Sung Woon before he unmasked himself?

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