Update: SHINee Shares Teaser Written By Minho For “Our Page”

Update June 25 KST:

SHINee continues to release clips of what may be lyrics for “Our Page.”

The newest set of words was written by Minho, and reads, “The beautiful words you left become a piece of poetry, become a song. And voices fly, where you are, and we know they will reach you.”

Update June 24 KST:

SHINee has released clip for “Our Page,” with words written by Key.

It reads, “Would all be forgotten if the stars were to disappear? In my arms, I hold you, who was precious. I want to fill this unfinished novel together until the very last page. You’ve done well.”

The group also dropped details about their physical album.

Update June 23 KST:

SHINee released a new set of teaser photos, a second MV teaser, and more for their title track “Our Page.”

On June 23 at midnight KST, the group gave another look at SHINee’s upcoming MV for “Our Page,” featuring the members ascending a staircase with pearl aqua lights hanging above.

Another clip includes what appears to be lyrics for “Our Page,” written by Onew. The text reads, “When I stand again on the path we walked together, the five overlapping hands, tears, and memories are so clear. I don’t want to forget. I can’t forget.”

SHINee has also shared more group and individual teaser photos for their next release.

Update June 22 KST:

SHINee has released more teasers for their upcoming mini album “‘The Story of Light’ EP. 3,” including photos of Taemin and Key, and previews for their song “Lock You Down”!

Update June 21 KST:

SHINee’s got another batch of teaser photos for their upcoming mini album “‘The Story of Light’ EP. 3”! Check out their teaser photos of Minho and Onew, and previews of the song “I Say” below!

Updated June 20 KST:

SHINee continues to tease “‘The Story of Light’ EP.3” with another batch of photos!

The group shared images of members Key and Onew, as well as previews of one of their b-side tracks, “Retro.”

Updated June 19 KST:

SHINee has a new batch of teasers for “‘The Story of Light’ Ep. 3” for fans!

Check out their new teaser photos (featuring Minho and Taemin) and previews of the song “Tonight” below!

Original Article:
SHINee has started their count down to their third and final title track from “The Story of Light”!

On June 18 at midnight KST, the group dropped a teaser for “Our Page,” which is the title track of the third mini album or “episode” of SHINee’s sixth studio album. The track appears to have a more somber mood than the other two title tracks, “Good Evening” and “I Want You.”

SHINee also released a batch of photos for “The Story of Light EP. 3.”

Check out all the teasers below!

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