18 Must-Hear Songs That You Missed From The First Half Of 2018

There’s a constant stream of new music in the K-pop world, and every day brings fresh releases for us to check out. With so many new songs to stay on top of, it’s understandable that some may slip through the cracks and go unheard. Wondering if you’ve missed out on some great music from this year? Don’t worry: we’ve pulled together a list of 18 songs from the first half of 2018 that may have flown under your radar. From releases by underrated artists to b-side numbers that got overshadowed by title tracks, you’ll want to make sure you give these songs a listen!

1. “How R U Today” — N.Flying

First on our list, N.Flying’s “How R U Today” is about emotions after a break-up — although you wouldn’t know it, from the track’s warm and upbeat feel. In fact, it’s a feel-good song that will likely put a smile on your face, so if you missed this one, you should definitely take a listen!

2. “Light It Up” — Spectrum

New boy group Spectrum’s debut song keeps things interesting by contrasting the guys’ strong raps with a surprisingly fresh electronic sound on the chorus. “Light It Up” is a solid debut for the group, and you’ll want to be familiar with it while we await what Spectrum will bring us next!

3. “Gone Cold” — MXM

K-pop duo MXM sings about a love that has lost its passion in this smooth R&B number. Featuring lyrics co-written by member Kim Dong Hyun, “Gone Cold” is an easy listen with a jazzy feel that you’ll love.

4. “Everyday” — MAMAMOO

While MAMAMOO’s “Starry Night” stole the spotlight on music shows and charts this year, “Everyday” flew under the radar — but from its flirty verses to its infectious beat, this is a fun dance track you won’t want to miss. Just in time for summer!

5. “Snapshot” — IN2IT

IN2IT’s April release feels like an older K-pop song in the way it builds tension into an explosive chorus that features English catchphrases. If you loved hits from the second generation of K-pop idols, you’ll want to check out “Snapshot”!

6. “Butterfly” — San E and Mad Clown (feat. Bumkey)

This one is just pure fun: the clear result of these talented rappers unleashing their silly sides. The song is a collaboration track with a goofy MV and a playful beat that will be bouncing around your head all day.

7. “Potion” — Eric Nam (feat. Woodie Gochild)

Largely overshadowed by the success of “Honestly…,” this b-side song off of Eric Nam’s latest mini album has the same Latin vibes as the album’s title track, but with an edgier feel. It’s a collaborative effort, including lyrics that were co-written by Epik High’s Tablo and a captivating rap verse from Woodie Gochild.

8. “Fly” — CROSS GENE

“Fly” is CROSS GENE’s take on the tropical house trend, and it’s bound to put a smile on your face. What more could we want from a song that features the lyric “so come on let’s be kids” in the chorus? Maybe an adorable music video to match — which the guys have also kindly gifted us.

9. “Distance” — CLC

While CLC’s “Black Dress” got much well-deserved attention this year, “Distance” went largely unnoticed. A complete departure from the sexy power of “Black Dress,” this melancholy track demonstrates CLC’s impressive ability to pull off a huge range of different concepts and styles.

10. “Candyland” — UP10TION

The title track from UP10TION’s first studio album, “Candyland” is a funky and upbeat number that showcases the members’ seamless transitions between smooth vocals and strong raps. It also gives the guys a chance to show off some suave dance moves.

11. “Bonnie N Clyde” — 24K

24K is a consistently underrated group, but their most recent release is not one you should miss. “Bonnie N Clyde” is a heart-pounding track that will keep you on your toes as it takes you through multiple beat changes and fast-paced raps.

12. “Alone” — BLACK6IX

BLACK6IX has yet to really reach the spotlight, which is too bad considering the group’s track record of quality releases. The guys give us a simple yet touching reflection on loneliness and missing someone in their 2018 song “Alone,” which features a unique interplay between the soft vocals and the rap lines that lends a comforting feeling to the nostalgic number.

13. “Sober” — Hyoyeon

“Sober” may have taken the No. 1 spot on several international iTunes charts, but this track from Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon (under the name DJ HYO) still didn’t receive as much attention as we might have expected. If you haven’t heart “Sober,” or if you took a listen and then forgot about it, you definitely need to check it out again — you’ll fall in love with these synth beats, as well as the MV’s message of self-love!

14. “Angel” — Hoya

Hoya showcases his rich vocals (not to mention his dancing talent) for this b-side track from his debut mini album as a solo artist — and the result is a mesmerizing MV set to a sultry number that we can’t get enough of.

15. “Salty” — KANTO

“Salty” is a hidden gem from rapper KANTO: his first release since competing on idol rebooting show “The Unit.” With retro, funky vibes and a quirky MV, there’s a lot to love about this fun track!

16. “Pluhmm” — HA:TFELT

HA:TFELT offers a mature and sensual release with “Pluhmm,” which she co-composed and wrote the lyrics for. The song perfectly captures the breathy excitement of the very beginning stages of a relationship, with a steamy MV to match.

17. “Awake” — TARGET

The second debut song on this list, “Awake” is a powerful introduction for boy group TARGET, and the guys make a case for themselves as strong vocalists and versatile rappers in this dramatic track.

18. “Don’t Be Pretty” — 14U

Last but not least, 14U brings us a delightfully feel-good number with “Don’t Be Pretty,” a song that is guaranteed to put you in a better mood! From the adorable MV to the guys’ cheerful vocals, “Don’t Be Pretty” is upbeat through and through.

Hey Soompiers, which of these songs did you miss out on this year? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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