Apink’s Jung Eun Ji In Talks To Make Big Screen Debut Through Upcoming Horror Film

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji may soon be making her in-person big screen debut!

On June 19, it was reported that Jung Eun Ji would be joining the upcoming horror film “0.0MHz as the leading role. Plan A Entertainment responded to the reports by stating, “She has received an offer for the project and is currently looking over the role.”

“0.0MHz” is set to be a horror film that follows a group of people who met through an online community for people who have had paranormal experiences, such as sleep paralysis or ghost sightings, as they set off to an abandoned building. The film will be based on a popular webtoon of the same name.

Jung Eun Ji has participated in films in the past, but through voice acting in animated productions such as “Saving Santa” and “Ozzy.” If she decides to take on the role in “0.0MHz,” this will be her first in-person appearance in a film. Ever since appearing in “Reply 1997,” Jung Eun Ji has been making her mark as an actress through various productions like “Sassy Go Go,” “Trot Lovers,” and “Untouchable.”

Would you be excited to see Jung Eun Ji in this horror film?

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