MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Talks About Her Increased Popularity After Guesting On “I Live Alone”

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa recently sat down for an interview to talk about her appearance on MBC’s “I Live Alone” being a huge hit.

Hwasa appeared as a guest on the June 8 episode of the reality show. Immediately after the episode aired, she was praised for her relatable and down-to-earth personality. The part where Hwasa visits a gopchang (small intestines) restaurant by herself and eats two servings especially gained much attention, leading the menu itself to become even more popular in the country.

During the interview, Hwasa revealed that she had never expected her eating gopchang to be such an issue. “I heard that my friend also went to a gopchang restaurant after the broadcast and had to wait for more than two hours,” she said. “I don’t actually know if this is a ‘gopchang fever,’ but I hope many people could be happy eating delicious food with their good friends even if the menu isn’t necessarily gopchang.”

The gopchang restaurant that Hwasa visited on the show also grew popular after the episode aired, reportedly bustling with customers. Although Hwasa hasn’t visited the place since, she shared that she wanted to thank the owner.

When asked if she really is a foodie in real life, Hwasa replied jokingly, “My close friends have seen me eat like that all the time. They told me off, saying it would’ve been better to hold myself back on television.”

The singer went on to share her diet tips. She explained, “As a person who really loves food, it’s very hard to restrain myself. So when I get hooked on one food, I eat it as much as I want so there will be no regrets. I start working out hard when I begin to get a little tired of that menu.”

Hwasa shared that she thought the reason so many viewers liked her episode on “I Live Alone” was because she was relaxed and relatable. “I was actually very worried before it aired,” she said. “This was because I thought I’d participated in the filming too relaxed. I was beyond surprised to see myself on the day of the studio filming. Fortunately, the viewers seem to have liked my relaxed attitude. I think many people related to Ahn Hye Jin as a person, who’s different from Hwasa on stage. I’m grateful.”

Hwasa recently won the No.1 spot on the list of brand reputation rankings for individual girl group members as well. She said she believed it was because of her appearance on “I Live Alone” and thanked everyone who supported her.

The interview came to an end with Hwasa sharing which variety shows she wanted to appear on in the future. “I think variety shows are still hard,” she said. “If I had to choose, I want to shoot a travel variety show with MAMAMOO members.”

Watch Hwasa’s appearance on “I Live Alone” below!

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