Kim Dong Han Talks About Debuting Solo And Support From Kim Sang Gyun

On June 19, Kim Dong Han held a debut showcase for his first mini album “D-DAY.”

During the showcase, Kim Dong Han revealed how he felt about debuting as a solo artist. “I felt lost in some ways because I was coming out as a solo artist when it hasn’t been long since I debuted,” he said. “My concerns aren’t completely gone yet, but I think they will be when I hear my fans’ compliments and encouragements.”

Kim Dong Han went on to talk about the difficulties he had when recording his new tracks. He said, “I was a little lost and mentally confused when recording. There was even a track that I recorded for 14 hours over two days.”

One of the tracks on the new album is “Record It,” which talks of Kim Dong Han’s gratefulness towards his fans for showing him love during his JBJ days. Fellow JBJ member Kim Sang Gyun was revealed to be the featuring artist of the song.

“I recorded the track ‘Record It’ with Kim Sang Gyun at the place we had recorded as a group JBJ,” Kim Dong Han shared. “After the meeting with the composers were over, Sang Kyun said to them, ‘Please take good care of Dong Han.’ I felt strange.” He added, “What I felt was a complicated, mixed feeling that was both touched and embarrassed at the same time.”

The title track of Kim Dong Han’s mini album is “Sunset,” an electronic dance song with an energetic beat. According to the singer, his album will contain songs from various different genres. “I’ve participated actively in many parts including choreographing for B-side tracks and styling the performance outfit,” he added.

After “D-DAY” is released at 6 p.m. KST on June 19, Kim Dong Han will hold a showcase for fans at 8 p.m. KST on the same day.

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