11 Times Idols Ate So Well That It Gave Us Food Envy

Despite their strict diets and intense workouts, some idols are actual foodies. Don’t get fooled by their sculpted bodies, because they go to great lengths before they allow themselves to give in to their cravings! In fact, some of them tend to train twice as hard for the sake of enjoying their favorite meals more often.

As we admire their big appetite, here are 11 times idols ate so well that it gave us food envy!

1. When Jin hosted a buffet-special “Eat Jin”

On top of the rich menu presenting various kinds of meat and seafood, Jin served us a light-hearted cocktail of dad jokes to entertain both the staff and the viewers during his mukbang.

2. When Momo and Kei went on a jokbal hunt

Momo and Kei share a mutual obsession over jokbal (Korean braised pig’s trotters). You can see them eating their favorite meal deliciously while visiting a few jokbal restaurants around the city.

3. When Jackson and BamBam devoured a “MilDonald’s” burger

The GOT7 boys had an exquisite taste of the famous military burger called Gundaeria (a wordplay consisting of gundae meaning military and the name of fast food chain Lotteria). These burgers are known as the finest meals to be served in the military! (0:47-1:50)

4. When Hwasa had a gopchang feast

No one can make our mouths water over gopchang (small intestines) like Hwasa does! During her appearance on “I Live Alone,” MAMAMOO’s maknae went for a gopchang feast all by herself, thus revealing her inner foodie.

5. When Xiumin and Chen went on a dori bang bang spree

Nothing makes our tummies growl like the sight of a fully-served table! Before taking off on their trip, the two EXO members shared a warm meal and savored a selection of dishes, with dori bang bang (a smelt-based dish) being the main course. (14:17-19:25)

6. When Hani was impatient to ingest her share of food

Hani has a reputation for being a good eater. The moment she entered the cubicle, the idol immediately started munching on the entrées served before her. However, her dining was abruptly cut short twice on two different occasions.

7. When Siwon lavishly ate kimchi

Albeit being a silent eater, Siwon sure eats well! The veteran singer revealed his eating skills while enjoying a braised kimchi meal alongside HaHa on an episode of “Infinite Challenge.”

8. When Sandara Park enjoyed a bowl of Japanese ramen

Sandara sure has a hearty appetite! The idol shared both a heart-to-heart talk and a set of Japanese ramen with comedian Seho on the “My Celeb Roomies” reality show. (Starting 1:06)

9. When Daniel made a succulent late night sandwich

Every snack after midnight looks irresistibly appetizing, even if it’s just a toast sandwich. Kang Daniel surely relished his meal to the point of preparing a second round just to satiate his taste buds.

10. When Luna consumed a large pizza on air

Luna surely has a talent for mukbangs. During her appearance on Banzz’s eating show, she showcased how she usually eats her pizza by rolling it like a crêpe, which makes the ingredients stand out even more.

11. When Hyeri gulped down jajangmyeon in one go

Hyeri’s appetite is no joke! You can see it for yourselves throughout the entire video, but the last scene that shows the way she famously gobbles jajangmyeon tells us enough about her eating skills!

Which idol from the list above is most likely to give you food envy? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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