8 Refreshing C-Dramas You Should Watch To Beat The Summer Heat

Summer is in full swing, people – and what better way to spend those sizzling hot days than by investing (arguably) way too much of yourself in the fictitious lives of favorite on-screen characters? However, a problem all drama-lovers face once they finish a series is what to watch next – and if you’re like me, the summertime calls for dramas that are lighthearted, a breeze to get through, and easy to stay invested thanks to cute characters and delightful plot-lines.

Well, you’re in luck, because here is a list of eight dramas (in no particular order) that will get you through the summer with their refreshing story lines, fruity color palettes, and likable leads!

My Little Princess

Beautiful and wealthy Lin Xin Chen (Zhang Yu Xi) is set on marrying the suave Zheng Chu Yao (Kenji Chen), a fellow student at the elite Four Leaf College. Mistakenly thinking the handsome piano player, Jiang Yu Nian (Mike D’Angelo), is her romantic target, Xin Chen suddenly finds herself in a complicated (albeit hilarious) “love square.” While continuously running into Yu Nian in compromising situations, Xin Chen begrudgingly realizes that Chu Yao has eyes for the only poor student at their school, Yu Yang Yang (Du Yan).

Although the intertwined relationships may sound complicated, “My Little Princess” keeps the story light with whimsical charm and quirkiness. The enchanting romance is only made better by the super talented and adorable cast.

Whether you watch it inside or by the pool, one thing is certain: “My Little Princess” will leave you with all the giggles and fuzzies you could hope for in a modern-day fairy tale!

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Take Your Mark

Based on the comic “Blue 50M” by Nai Ao Mao, “Take Your Mark” tells the story of swimming friends Zhang Ruo Chen (Zhao Zhi Wei) and Cheng Zhe Hai (Xu Yang), who dream of making the national swim team some day. But during the qualifying championships, they end up competing against each other and Ruo Chen wins. After the competition, Zhe Hai disappears without a word.

Two years later, the two former friends are reunited at the same sports school, but one has lost all interest in swimming. As they navigate school with each other and their teammates, they learn that life’s trials hit everyone hard, whether on land or in the water.

Nothing is going to make you want to hop into the nearest pool more than this drama! And I’m not saying that because of all the shirtless guys… I swear. Though “Take Your Mark” may seem like a basic swim team drama on the surface, it has proved to be anything but. An engaging story brimming with relatable characters, the drama has a pleasantly surprising amount of substance paired with spot-on acting that makes it a definite summer must-watch!

Bonus reason to watch: the swimming scenes and in-water shots are crisp and cool, perfect for when you need that vicarious summer dip!

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I Cannot Hug You

Based on the massively popular Korean webtoon “unTouchable” by Massstar, “I Cannot Hug You” tells the story of Li Shi Ya (Zhang Yu Xi), a modern-day vampire who derives her energy by touching humans. One day, she meets next-door neighbor, Jiang Zhi Hao (Xing Zhao Lin), a human who does not let her touch him because of his intense fear of germs. The two become fast friends, which does not bode well with Shi Ya’s fellow vampire and best friend from childhood, Simba (Dai Jing Yao).

First of all, can we talk about eye candy? I get that vampires are supposed to be good-looking, but seriously, everyone in this drama is incredibly attractive. If you’re looking for a bit more substance than that, fear not: “I Cannot Hug You” tackles crippling fear, tragic childhoods, and cross-species love, while throwing a super unique spin on vampires. The well-timed humor balances out the darker moments, while still giving the viewer just the right amount of angst that’s necessary in any good drama.

It’s truly a one-of-a-kind drama that I would recommend to anyone in a summer (or any season, honestly) slump!

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A Love So Beautiful

Happy-go-lucky high school student Chen Xiao Xi (Shen Yue) has had a crush on the quiet and popular Jiang Chen (Hu Yi Tian) her whole life. He, however, is not interested in her. Watch the two – along with their friends – navigate life from high school to young adulthood, experiencing first love, home troubles, and heartbreak.

Slice-of-life high school dramas are not a new concept by any means. So what makes “A Love So Beautiful” so popular? Each character has their own story, and each story is given enough spotlight to allow the viewer to delve into these characters’ lives, get to know them, and wholeheartedly relate to them. You’ll squeal at the adolescent romance, cringe at the failed romantic attempts, and cry when hearts are inevitably broken.

A little hint: watch out for the love triangle in this one, because the feels run deep for both male leads! Xiao Xi definitely has her work cut out for her, and her choice is not one I envy!

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My Mr. Mermaid

Tang Yi Bai (Dylan Xiong) was a champion swimmer who was forced to leave competitive swimming due to a false accusation. Four years later, he returns to swimming alongside his best friend, Qi Rui Feng (Huang Sheng Chi), together competing against their greatest rival. Yi Bai meets rookie sports reporter Yun Duo (Tan Song Yun), who is assigned to cover the competition but is terrified of water due to a traumatic incident from her past. When Yun Duo coincidentally rents a room in Yi Bai’s family home, the two become close friends.

Hang on to your hats, because “My Mr. Mermaid” is one thrilling romantic ride! Our leading couple’s budding relationship is too cute for words, as are the actors themselves. As their friendship blossoms into romance, they learn what it means to truly love someone. The romance takes its time, but the wait and anticipation is so worth it.

And if the romance doesn’t inspire you, the soundtrack certainly will. The melodic pieces revitalize the soul with uplifting lyrics that encourage you to endure all obstacles and fight for your dreams.

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All About Secrets

Despite his good looks and popularity, basketball star Duan Bai Wen (Chen Zhe Yuan) deals with family problems on a daily basis. Childhood friend Yu Chi Zi (Landy Li) supports him through his struggles as they face high school together. When she discovers that Bai Wen is beginning to hang out with her close friend Si Jia Li (Yu Zhi Hui), she realizes her true feelings for him. Everyone has their own secrets… and won’t be able to keep them forever.

“All About Secrets” started off as a simple filler for me, and I unintentionally (and very quickly) got sucked in. (Aren’t those the best?) It is refreshing mainly due to the exceptional young cast, who more than pull their weight in terms of acting. Their strong deliveries boast their natural ability, particularly that of male lead Chen Zhe Yuan, who debuted in this drama. His performance is brilliantly raw, and I truly cannot resist praising a rookie actor who shows such potential.

The drama is not too dark and not sugar-coated either. It simply presents life – and the mundane, enthralling, and grim moments that come with it. If you’re looking for something just a little bit different, check out “All About Secrets.”

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Shuttle Love Millennium

Switching bodies with someone who lived 80 years ago is not an easy adjustment, and for wealthy party boy Sun Qi Long (Wei Da Xun), it’s a problem he wants to fix as quickly as possible! Living in 2016, Qi Long suddenly finds himself switched with a famous chef living in 1936, Zhang Zhi Gang. In the different time periods, two women – Wang Lin (Janice Man) and Fang Si Yi (Puff Guo) – play vital roles in helping the men figure out how their lives are related and how to return to their own bodies, in their own times.

First of all, the cinematography in this drama is lovely. Vibrant pops of color in the 21st century contrast neatly with the softer, earthy tones of the 1930’s. It’s visually appealing, and the concept is super creative! A time-traveling, body-switching drama with a whole lot of romance thrown in is just the thing for a relaxing summer night.

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The Big Boss

At the start of her first year of high school, Ye Mu Xi (Eleanor Lee) is determined to leave her middle school image behind. When her annoyingly faultless childhood friend, Liao Dan Yi (Huang Jun Jie), is in her class yet again, she decides that the only way to break out from beneath his perfect shadow is by becoming class president herself.

What makes this drama so great is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. From the outrageously melodramatic scenarios Mu Xi plays out in her head, to the bizarre situations these kids get themselves into, this drama is all kinds of fun. If you’re looking for pure and unadulterated absurdity – the kind of drama where you can basically turn your brain off and just enjoy the insane humor – look no further than “The Big Boss.”

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What do you think of the list, Soompiers? Any dramas you’re planning on watching this summer? Let me know down below!

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