BTOB's Minhyuk Talks About Comeback, His Personality, And Musical Style

BTOB’s Minhyuk recently participated in a photo shoot with CeCi, where he talked about their recent comeback, his personality, and his musical style.

BTOB recently came back with their 11th mini album “This Is Us” with their title track, “Only One For Me.” It was revealed that Minhyuk was as professional as a seven-year idol would be when shooting, as well as polite and communicated with the staff during breaks.

When asked how his fellow members reacted to the success of their pre-release track “The Feeling,” he answered, “Many singers probably do the same thing. We checked the charts once every hour. We went back and forth from being nervous to relaxed every time the rankings came out.”

On the group’s new music, he commented, “Every time we came out with new music, we tried to try something new. But ‘Missing You‘ got so much love, so we thought long and hard about whether we should try something new again, or if we should try something similar to repay the love the song got. In the end, we decided to return all the love we received, so I think we came out with a really great song.”

He was then asked whether they felt pressure after the success of “Missing You” last year. He commented, “It felt more like we had let go of a big worry. Our group has a lot of ambition towards music, so it’s great that we get as much love as we work hard, but we felt a lot more pressure every time we came out with new music. It feels like we were finally acknowledged with ‘Movie’ and ‘Missing You’ last year, so we’re less anxious.”

Minhyuk was then asked if he was the type of person who got stressed easily. He replied, “I normally don’t get a lot of stress. I think because I was working in this industry, my mentality got a lot stronger. I didn’t like the criticism and hate I got, but I thought it was all idle criticism and so it didn’t seem so bad.”

The interviewer commented, “Watching all the BTOB-related videos, I got the vibe that you have a very down-to-earth personality, like when you said that you grew up with a lot of your parents’ love even while reading malicious comments.” Minhyuk laughed and shared, “That’s because it’s true. I’m a person that really doesn’t express myself and my family is one that has a lot of love between us. Maybe it’s because I grew while receiving so much love, I don’t really get affected by anything else.”

Minhyuk then talked about his own personal musical style. He shared, “Ever since I was young, my music was the type that never limited the person listening to it. For example, when you write lyrics and write ‘him’ or ‘her,’ then the perspective of the song definitively becomes a man or a woman. So I write ‘you’ instead. I want both men and women to empathize with my music. It’s the same with genre or people of different ages. Rather than something for the younger generation or for fans of a specific genre, I want to make music that many people can enjoy.”

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