9 Times DAY6 Made Us Happy With Their Extraness

DAY6 is finally coming back, and we couldn’t be more excited! These boys are true dorks, and when they’re not stealing our hearts with their amazing music, they’re spoiling My Days with hilarious moments. Variety shows, V Live streams and even YouTube videos — they’ve done it all to entertain fans all over the world. To celebrate their comeback and recall some of their most entertaining contents, let’s look at those times they were extra AF!

Dowoon, the true English king

With great teachers like Jae and Brian around, it’s anything but hard to become an English expert like Dowoon. Everything that comes out of his mouth is truly amazing, and we all aspire to be a diligent and brave foreign language student like him.

Jae, our favorite YouTuber

After he became every K-pop fan’s favorite Twitter user, Jae decided to take over YouTube, too. Apart from getting a glimpse of the Jae’s life, he also delivers quality content with English speaking K-pop idols and his band members, too!

The lion sleeps tonight

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, do I even have to say more? DAY6 DID THAT. The secondhand embarrassment is there, but it’s overpowered by the pure entertainment factor of DAY6 giving out animal noises.

Young K without his instrument

Band members without their favorite instruments might seem lost sometimes, and Brian is no exception. Performing their songs and their brilliant covers acappella always ends up with him not knowing what to do with his hands. His dance moves are pretty cool, though!

This high note battle

Don’t look for the next Beyoncé, DAY6 members got it covered! We definitely need a 2018 version of this high note battle, just for science.

Sungjin acting as a grandma

Petition for DAY6’s leader to get his first role in a drama. If the main lead is already found, he can just be the angry grandmother. A real multitalent, right? Even his wig fits perfectly!

Wonpil and his legendary keyboard drop

How to keep your cool while your life is falling to pieces? Just ask Wonpil, the real professional here! We all wish to be this good at staying unbothered, for sure. The show must go on!

Their dubsmash videos

This compilation of their greatest dubsmash videos will probably get you in tears. When you look for the definition of extra in the dictionary, chances are these videos will pop up. Get ready to laugh out loud!

Their dance skills are extraordinary

They might be a band, but these boys certainly got the moves! Special shoutout for Sungjin and his boxer cover of “Knock Knock”!

And it’s not like we can get over maknae Dowoon using a canon instead of a pistol in his version of “Gashina”!

DAY6 members are amazing entertainers and they surely know how to be extra. My Days! What were your favorite DAY6 moments? Tell us in the comments below!

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