No Min Woo Loses Appeal In Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment

Singer-actor No Min Woo has lost the appeal in his lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

No Min Woo formerly filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment on grounds that the agency interfered with his entertainment activities.

On June 20, Supreme Court Justice Kwon Soon Il ruled against the plaintiff. No Min Woo previously lost his first and second trial, and the judge said there was no reason for the plaintiff’s appeal.

In the case of an appeal, except for a criminal case, the court can reject the case without another hearing if there isn’t a violation of the law or an unfair judgment.

After signing with SM Entertainment in 2000, No Min Woo debuted as a member of band TRAX in 2004. Five years later in 2009, he notified the company of the cancellation of the contract and moved to another agency.

In November 2015, No Min Woo sued SM Entertainment for compensation of damages due to SM Entertainment’s poor management when he was a member of TRAX.

A representative from No Min Woo said, “From when he debuted as a TRAX member to when he left, SM Entertainment did not correctly plan or do any management. After he left [TRAX], they did not do any management. They also did not provide any opportunities for him to do music or acting, and they interfered with his entertainment activities by pressuring producing directors or production company executives.”

In response, a representative from SM Entertainment stated, “No Min Woo randomly left TRAX, so we had to pay a penalty to the Japanese management company. But, we did not ask him to take responsibility for that and provided various management so that he could promote as an actor. No Min Woo unilaterally notified [the agency] of the contract termination. The agency faithfully carried out its management duties and did not interfere with his entertainment activities.”

The court ruled in favor of SM Entertainment for both the first and second trial due to insufficient evidence of No Min Woo’s claims.

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