Hayoung Discusses Her Acting Career And Support From Apink Members

A press conference for the movie “Love, Stay in Time” (working title) was held on June 20. Apink’s Hayoung, actor Go Yoon, Kim Tae Min, Song Seung Kook, Jung Eun Hye, Hwang So Hee, Im Young Seo, and director Hwang Kyung Sung were present.

“Love, Stay in Time” is a sequel to web drama “Love, Stay in Memory” that aired in February of 2018. The season two of the drama will be in the form of a movie, telling the story of Yoo Ha Ri (Hayoung) who has achieved her dream of becoming an actress and her lover No Jin Woo (Go Yoon).

Hayoung initially debuted as a member of girl group Apink in 2011 and began acting in 2017. During the press conference, the singer talked about her efforts to pursue a career in acting. “My fans know very well that I’m a late starter regarding acting,” she said, referring to other Apink members who’re also actresses. “I was studying acting on my own.” She added jokingly, “I think the agency liked me so much that they kept me hidden until later.”

Hayoung continued, “My agency and I are both very grateful for being cast in this work. Our agency thinks about my future direction, but if a lot of people think ‘Hayoung is fine,’ ‘She does well,’ after watching the film, I think more opportunities will come.”

Director Hwang Kyung Sung had nothing but praise for Hayoung. “I was surprised to see Hayoung’s acting improve as filming went on,” he said. “I wanted to keep on shooting because her acting got better with every take. If the directors watching the press conference live cast Hayoung, you’ll have no regrets.”

Hayoung also talked about getting support from fellow Apink members. She said, “Apink is now preparing for a comeback. Because I meet the members often, they know what’s going on with me well.” She continued, “Apink members tease me, calling me a ‘movie actress.'” Hayoung went onto reveal that the members even visited her on set to show her support.

Go Yoon, who played the male lead, shared the cast’s promise to dance to Apink’s new song in their performance outfit in front of a theater if the movie reached more than 10,000 views. “Hayoung’s social media followers are more than 600,000, so if just 10,000 of them come to watch the movie, it’s possible,” he added jokingly.

According to Go Yoon, the chemistry between the cast members was what made the filming so great. “After we finished filming the web drama, we got together every two weeks,” he said. “We grew closer to each other to build a partnership before beginning filming for the season two which is the movie. We all went on a trip together as well.”

The director went onto explain that there was no particular difference between the web drama “Love, Stay in Memory” and the film “Love, Stay in Time.” He said, “If I had to find a difference, it’s that the movie is a little more slow-paced. The movie is event-centered while the season one, the drama is more character-centered.”

“Love, Stay in Time” will be released on June 27.

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