Dal Shabet Members Reunite For Gaeun’s Bridal Shower Photo Shoot

Dal Shabet’s Serri prepared a special wedding gift for her former bandmate!

Ahead of Gaeun’s wedding on June 23, the members of Dal Shabet gathered to celebrate her upcoming marriage. Former member Jiyul, who left the group with Gaeun in 2015, joined Serri, Subin, and Ah Young in posing for a beautiful bridal shower photo shoot in honor of the lovely bride-to-be. Unfortunately, Woohee was unable to make the shoot due to her promotions with project group UNI.T.

Serri planned the entire photo shoot and brought the members together as a sweet gift for Gaeun, who is said to have been moved by the thoughtful gesture.

Gaeun previously announced earlier this month that she will be tying the knot with her non-celebrity boyfriend on June 23.

Check out the gorgeous photos from her bridal shower photo shoot below!

Serri also posted two of the photos on Instagram and wrote, “Gaeun, my fellow member and dongsaeng with whom I spent my loveliest and most beautiful years, met her fated match and is getting married. Gaeun, who was kinder and more delicate than anyone… I sincerely wish that you will have many happy days from now on.”

She went on, “Thank you to the members for making such precious memories together, and I hope that this gift will remain the warmest of memories for Gaeun. Congratulations, and be happy. Gaeun, I love you.”

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Congratulations to Gaeun and her lucky groom!

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