Gummy Joins Jo Jung Suk In Writing Personal Letter About Their Upcoming Marriage

Updated June 22 KST: 

Gummy has also opened up about the news that she and Jo Jung Suk will be getting married this year.

The singer took to her fancafe on June 22 and wrote, “I’m sure you were all very surprised today. I’m putting a lot of thought into every word, which is making me quite slow.”

She continued on to state, “Like you saw in the news article, I will be getting married. Though the full weight and details haven’t hit me yet, it’s a decision I’ve made. He’s someone who has given me lots of comfort and strength for a long time, and someone who has taught me a lot. I am very grateful to have met such a great person. And I believe it was all thanks to the sincere support you’ve given us.”

Gummy wrote, “I will go through a big change in my life, but I will do my best to adapt to the new situation and raise a good family. I will continue to express the new experiences and emotions through my music, and I will do my best to share more stories and connect with you all.”

She concluded with, “The things I’ve yet to say, I will continue to talk about slowly across a long period of time. Thank you.”

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Original Article:

Jo Jung Suk took to his fancafe on June 22 and wrote a letter to his fans about his upcoming marriage to singer Gummy. The two have been dating since 2013 and are set to tie the knot this year.

The actor wrote, “Everyone, this is Jung Suk. You were surprised from early this morning, right? Even I was surprised by the unexpected reports. I should have been the first person you tell you this good news, and I’m sorry you had to learn about it through news articles. I am writing this now because I want to personally talk about the most important decision in my life with you, the people who have always loved me.”

He went on to say, “It feels like a new beginning for a new life, a turn in the road that will help me grow as an actor, and the thought of now walking down a path that I’d been walking down by myself with someone else excites me. And I’m a little nervous. We haven’t decided on any specific details, which is why I haven’t been able to tell you, but I am planning to get married this year.”

Jo Jung Suk stated, “We decided to get married because we are both big source of energy for each other, and she is someone who will encourage and support me to become a better person in the future. I’m sure you were surprised by the sudden news, but I hope you will cheer us on to live a good life and celebrate this moment with us.”

He concluded his letter with, “I hope to greet you in the future as a more responsible actor, and a reliable head of a household. Though I am always lacking, I hope to continue to connect with you all through good projects. I will do my best to keep growing. Please watch over me.”

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