Tiffany Opens Up About Girls’ Generation And Going Solo

On June 22, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany opened about her feelings regarding her upcoming solo release through written posts on Instagram Stories.

The singer talked about how she feels nervous, but that music remains her sanctuary. She spoke about how she found peace through music during difficult times such as when her mother unexpectedly passed away.

Tiffany also touched on how she was healed by music from Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, and others. This in turn made her want to become an artist that could “bring light into a heart at the darkest hour.”

She then shared about how proud she is of being a member of Girls’ Generation for 10 years and how each of them found their beautiful individuality together with fans. Tiffany concluded her message talking about how excited she is about expressing more of herself as she is “more confident and comfortable in her own skin.” Lastly, she thanked friends, family, and fans for believing in her and loving her as she is.

Read her full message below:

Tiffany’s new album “Over My Skin” will be released on June 28.

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