K-Pop Group Involved In Lawsuit Against Agency Over Working Conditions Revealed To Be INX

The K-pop boy group who recently won a lawsuit against their agency to nullify their exclusive contract has been revealed to be INX.

Earlier on June 22, it was reported that a boy group had filed a lawsuit against the agency and asked for their exclusive contract to be nullified under the claims of the agency failing to carry out their duties. The Seoul District Courts sided with the idol group in their verdict, thereby dissolving the contract between them and their agency.

Some of the claims made against the agency included the members having to cover their own makeup and styling costs, as well as not providing monetary support for food and other living expenses, at one point telling the members, “You won’t die just because you skipped a meal.” The members also claimed that they had not been paid for any of their promotional activities.

The group has been confirmed to be INX, with members Junyong, Bonguk, Jinam, Sangho, and Win. They debuted in 2016 with the digital single “Alright” and also released an album in April 2017.

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