Update: Apink Doesn’t Hold Back Against “Ask Us Anything” Cast In Hilarious Preview

Updated June 23 KST: 

Looks like the “Ask Us Anything” cast has met their match!

In a new preview for Apink’s return to the show, the girl group members tease each of the cast members one by one.

After Jung Eun Ji jokes that he has been reaping what he sowed, Apink doesn’t let Kang Ho Dong off easily when he incorrectly says the group never appeared on “Star King” and that Bomi’s father is a taekwondo instructor.

While sharing why she was disgruntled with Kim Heechul, Hayoung says, “You see, his ideal type is whoever he’s meeting for the first time.” When he tries to explain that it was because they were like family, Hayoung exclaims, “Why would I be your family?”

Focusing on Lee Sang Min, Chorong picks him as someone she wanted to see again, before joking, “I like people who don’t give up. Although he did give up on love.”

Apink also dances to AOA’s “Like a Cat,” and BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last.” Check out the full preview below!

Original Article:

Apink will appear on JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything” again!

On June 22, OSEN reported that Apink finished recording their episode of the show on June 14. This will be the girl group’s return to the show a year after their last appearance last June.

The six-member girl group is not afraid to get silly and always makes viewers laugh with their variety show skills.

On their last appearance, Bomi and Hayoung danced to PSY’s “New Face” and Bomi earned the title of the “Female PSY.” Jung Eun Ji showed off her dialect and Son Naeun was told to work part-time as an audience member for her great reactions.

“Ask Us Anything” will be Apink’s first variety show after their comeback, where they’ll perform their title track “Nothing At All” (working title) for the first time. “Nothing At All” will convey the hurt feelings of a woman whose love has ended.

Apink’s episode will air on June 30 and their seventh mini album “ONE & SIX” will be released on July 2. Check out Apink’s teasers here!

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