Watch: Yubin Offers Fans Glimpse Of New JYP Building And Takes On Double-Speed Challenge In New “Lady” Dance Practice Videos

Yubin has given fans an exciting look at JYP Entertainment’s brand-new building!

On June 22, the former Wonder Girls member shared a new dance practice video for her solo debut track “Lady.” At the beginning of the clip, she giddily declares, “Where am I right now? I’m inside JYP’s new building! Now I’ll show you the new practice room.”

As she walks through the hallway, she remarks, “The floor is blue, everyone. It feels like I’m floating on water.” When she finally arrives at the practice room, she spins around to capture every possible angle, commenting, “Isn’t it impressively spacious? There are stars on the ceiling. And there’s something that I discovered earlier that’s really amazing.”

Yubin then points to large light fixtures on the ceiling that spell out “JYP,” asking, “Can you see it? JYP. J-Y-P. It’s written on the ceiling. I think it’s incredible.”

She jokingly adds, “This must be why I renewed my contract [with JYP Entertainment]. To come to this new building. I love our company so much.”

Yubin then goes on to show off a retractable soundproof wall that can separate the dance studio into two rooms. “Who knew that there would come a day when I would be able to practice in such an amazing practice room?” she exclaims, before switching gears and flawlessly executing the choreography to her new song.

Check out her new dance practice video below!

Yubin also released a special double-speed dance practice video for “Lady,” in which she and her team of backup dancers can’t seem to stop laughing as they power through the song at twice the normal speed.