Block B’s Park Kyung Says He Wants To Produce Music For “Produce 48”

In a recent interview with Korean newspaper Hankook Ilbo, Block B’s Park Kyung talked about his aspirations as a composer and producer.

The idol, who made a solo comeback on June 22 with the self-produced song “Instant,” has been steadily proving his talents as a songwriter and a producer. Park Kyung has produced a number of hits in recent years, including Block B’s latest title track “Don’t Leave” and “Yesterday.”

When asked if he was interested in developing and training new talent as a producer, Park Kyung replied that for the time being, he was more focused on getting other artists to sing his compositions.

“Up until now, at least, I haven’t been particularly interested in discovering new artists,” he said. “For now, my first priority is releasing my songs through other artists’ voices. I want to try making a lot of music as a producer. I also have some songs currently scheduled for release.”

The Block B member added, “I especially want to write a bubbly, energetic song for a girl group.”

Park Kyung went on to share that he hoped to produce a song for the Mnet audition program “Produce 48.” He eagerly remarked, “If I get a ‘love call’ from ‘Produce 48’ to be a music producer for the show, I’ll accept right away. I watched [other] producers contribute songs on ‘Produce 101,’ and I thought, ‘I really want to go on the show and contribute a song as well.’ I’m not usually the type to have a strong desire to appear on variety shows, but I really want to appear on the ‘Produce’ series as a producer at least once.”

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