6 Sweet Moments Of 2PM's Junho And Jung Ryeo Won Cooking Up Romance In

SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Wok of Love” has been delighting viewers with the growing romance between Seo Poong (2PM’s Junho) and Dan Sae Woo (Jung Ryeo Won).

They are two people who have tasted the bitterness of life and are trying to get back on their feet. Here are six of the sweetest moments between the pair.

First meeting at the Han River bridge, the fortune cookie of fate

Seo Poong and Dan Sae Woo’s special relationship began at the end of the fourth episode. He was betrayed by the woman he loved and chased out of his job as a hotel chef. She fell straight to the bottom of life on her wedding day. The two met by chance on a bridge across the Han River. They shared their personal woes along with a fortune cookie. That fortune cookie became a symbol of hope and fate for them.

“Just one night…,” the surprise kiss

Seo Poong and Dan Sae Woo met again after being hurt by love. Dan Sae Woo caught Seo Poong off-guard with her unexpected question, “Do you want to be a cheater for just one night?” But once they were alone, an awkwardness filled the air. What surprised everyone soon after was Seo Poong’s unexpected kiss, which led to the two babbling nonsense as they were both surprised by how things had turned. Shy smiles were exchanged and tension filled the air at the end of the tenth episode.

Seo Poong’s burning heart and love, “What should I do?”

At the end of the twelfth episode, Seo Poong feels his heart racing for Dan Sae Woo and his “What should I do?” had viewers getting excited. He had hurt his arm and was receiving assistance from her in the kitchen. Seo Poong was being a strict instructor, and Dan Sae Woo got flustered and accidentally set his clothes on fire. Thinking on her feet, Dan Sae Woo hugged Seo Poong to extinguish the flames, and Seo Poong was taken aback by the swell of emotions that surrounded him. This was the spark that set alight their kitchen romance.

Hug to raise body temperature, “It’s a dream”

Seo Poong had feelings for Dan Sae Woo but tried to hide them. In episode 15, Seo Poong melted viewers’ hearts when he tightly embraced Dan Sae Woo in a bid to raise her body temperature. Maybe it was the desperation he exuded, but Dan Sae Woo briefly opened her eyes and in order to not get found out, Seo Poong whispered, “It’s just a dream. A good dream.” She smiled in response and he watched over her as they shared a warm and romantic moment.

Seo Poong appears in Dan Sae Woo’s daydreams, “I like you”

In episode 19, Dan Sae Woo became lost in her imagination as she replayed Seo Poong’s confession in her head. Seo Poong had told her that he was going to set aside his feelings for her because he also scared about Doo Chil Sung (Jang Hyuk). Though she was angry at first, she couldn’t help but smile as she replayed his “I like you” over and over again in her head. He suddenly appeared in her imagination, and viewers fell in love as they watched the pair walking together.

Dan Sae Woo’s surprise kiss on Seo Poong’s cheek (featuring dumpling balloons)

In episode 20, Dan Sae Woo was running straight for Seo Poong’s heart with a surprise kiss. The two were busy working on the perfect recipe for dumplings. After many failed tries, Seo Poong finally managed to blow a strip of dumpling skin like a balloon, to which Dan Sae Woo gives him a kiss on the cheek as a reward. Dan Sae Woo had decided to not hold back on expressing herself to Seo Poong, and his wide-eyed response had viewers’ hearts racing.

Seo Poong and Dan Sae Woo have been cooking up a sweet love in “Wok of Love” and it will be interesting to see where their story goes. The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS at 10 p.m. KST.

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