Watch: BLACKPINK Takes On The 357 Dance Challenge On “Idol Room”

BLACKPINK appeared as guests on JTBC’s “Idol Room”!

On the June 23 episode, BLACKPINK took on the 357 Dance Challenge, in which the MCs call out various numbers that equal the total number of members who should be dancing to the song at the time.

The first song was “As If It’s Your Last,” but the girl group didn’t fully understand the rules and failed the first round. They had finally adjusted to the game and earned a second chance when Jung Hyung Don threw an unexpected curveball by suddenly yelling “sŏon,” which means zero in Thai.

Surprised, the members explained that they had memorized numbers in Thai starting with one and not zero. Jung Hyung Don remarked, “I thought you’d definitely know this since you have a Thai member.”

BLACKPINK then tried the challenge again with “Playing With Fire.” The MCs called out the numbers in both Thai and Korean, but the members carried out the challenge without much difficulty.

Finally, Jung Hyung Don threw another curveball by calling out the number two in Chinese. Although Jennie caught on and tried to tell her members what he meant, the other BLACKPINK members were caught off guard, and the group ultimately failed the 357 Dance Challenge.

Check out the videos of BLACKPINK taking on the challenge below!

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