Kim Heechul Reveals His Reaction To Seeing Super Junior Trending In Realtime Search Rankings

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul delighted the cast of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” with his honesty and sense of humor.

On the June 23 episode, Heechul mentioned the fact that the cast members had tried to guess the lyrics to Super Junior’s “Devil” on an earlier episode of the show. He said, “‘Amazing Saturday’ had a really big effect. After ‘Devil’ was featured on the show, Super Junior appeared in the realtime search trends.”

He continued, “When the name of our group or a member appears in the realtime search rankings, it usually means that something bad has happened. So I have a hard time clicking on [the name to see the search results]. I get nervous whenever we appear in the search trends.”

Kim Heechul also spoke confidently about his quiz-solving skills and knowledge of music. He joked, “Is it okay if there isn’t enough broadcast footage?”

When MC Boom told him that no one’s ever succeeded in the first round before, Kim Heechul replied, “I’ll be the one to accomplish doing it in one try.”

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