UNI.T Picks And Reveals Official Fan Club Name

UNI.T has announced the name of their official fan club!

On June 24, UNI.T held a V Live broadcast where the members updated fans on what they’ve been up to and talked about some memorable moments during their promotions.

UNI.T told fans that they read the hundreds of fan-submitted ideas for their fandom name. Each member then chose her favorite and explained the meaning behind the name.

NC.A suggested “Swee.T” as a sweet name for the group and fans who adore each other. Yebin chose “Uniz” which is a combination of the words UNI.T and muse. She added that it ends with the sound “needs,” meaning that the fans are an existence that UNI.T needs.

Lee Suji selected “Union” to signify the unity between the group and their fans, adding that it also reminded her of unicorns. Yang Jiwon chose “Unitree,” explaining that the fans are like a tree who create a shade where the group can rest, while Yoonjo picked “UNING,” which stands for the process of members from different groups becoming one with each other and their fans.

Choosing “Shine” as her favorite submission, Woohee explained that the fans are the light that allows UNI.T to shine who will always be with them and support them. She also brought up the group’s slogan, “Time to shine.”

ZN picked “Hunni.T” for 100 percent of the fans’ love towards the group and 100 percent of the fans’ hopes for the members’ happiness. Lee Hyun Joo picked “Uni.Ting” as her favorite fan club name. She said that it stands for how the group is made up of members who performed “You & I” and “Ting” on “The Unit.”

Euijin named “Come.UNI.T” for its uniqueness, saying that it stands for the word community and how their fans will accompany them. She then brought out one final card with the name “WOO U” on it. “WOO U” is the Korean word for milk and the members also decided to add that it’s a combination of the Korean word for “us” and the English word “you.”

The members then closed their eyes and voted between “WOO U” and “Shine.” Eight members voted for “WOO U” and one voted for “Shine.”

As a result, UNI.T’s fan club name is now “WOO U”! The group confirmed this by posting a photo of them with cartons of milk and their fan club name “WOO U.”

Congratulations to UNI.T and WOO Us!

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