“Along With The Gods” Executive Producer Announces Plans For 3rd And 4th Films

The “Along with the Gods” saga continues!

On June 24, CEO Won Dong Yeon of Realies Pictures told Yonhap News, “After finishing the scenario by the end of this year, we are planning to concurrently film the third and fourth films at the end of next year like [we did for] the first and second films.”

Director Kim Yong Hwa of the first and second films will continue to direct the third and fourth films as well.

Won Dong Yeon continued, “We’re thinking of a prequel or a spin-off for the third and fourth films, and coming up with ideas with everything open as a possibility.”

“Along with the Gods” films are based on the popular webtoon by Joo Ho Min. The first installment “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds” tells the story of a fireman named Kim Ja Hong who dies at the scene of a fire and goes through seven types of hell and trials with three grim reapers.

This film reached over 14 million moviegoers and became the second biggest box office hit in Korean film history.

Set to premiere on August 1, the second installment “Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days” will be about the grim reapers who are facing their final 49th trial. They’ll meet a god who remembers 1,000 years of the past and will help them to find the forgotten secrets of their past, current, and future lives.

Unlike the first two films which were based on the webtoon, the third and fourth installments will tell a completely a new story.

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