Made For Each Other: 9 Trendy Couple Styles You Can Find In Korea

In South Korea, being in a relationship is a big deal — not just in terms of having a personal commitment, but also when it comes to style and appearances. While it’s common for people from different walks of life to show the world of their love, Korean couples take their newfound love up a notch by wearing matching clothes that scream they’re together. The term used by Koreans is the 커플룩 or “couple look,” a kind of style that is basically the same as “twinning,” while “시밀러룩” or “similar look” is a more subtle and less obvious style for lovebirds.

But this kind of dressing goes beyond the idea of “showing off” on social media or among their peers. The practice is deeply rooted in their culture, and can be traced several decades back when, according to, “newlyweds began coordinating their outfits as a way of signaling that they were on a honeymoon together. Soon couples in earlier stages of their relationships started adopting the style as well.”

Here are some of the different trends that young couples like to wear that are not only camera-ready but also sweet:

Suit dressing

Wearing a suit in South Korea isn’t only limited to workwear. This versatile outfit is worn in weddings, parties, and even for a casual day. It can be perfect for a day or night event, which is why couples like to invest in custom-style suits with the same color, material, or pattern.

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Vacation ready

Couples like to commemorate special days in their relationship such as anniversaries and memorable milestones, and most often they prepare a lot for this day through extra-special dates and a romantic trip. For summer trips, they go with a particular theme: either tropical patterns, light fabrics, or similar swimwear with matching sandals.

Outdoor date

Outdoor dates are most often preferred by couples especially during Spring or Summer, where they can enjoy the beautiful green scenery, blooming flowers, and fresh air. Dining al fresco, going on a picnic, a short drive outside the city or simply a walk in the park calls for couple outfits that have refreshing colors.

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Pretty in pink

Lovey-dovey couples like to paint the town red — or rather, pink. This color in different variations look easy on the eyes and is perfect to wear for a chill weekend brunch.

Street and sporty style

Cool, millennial couples prefer effortless street and sporty styles that allow them to do various activities together while being comfy.

Denim doubles

Denim is another wardrobe staple that a couple can easily find in the closets and wear together at the same time.

Campus couple

Wearing the university jacket or a school-ready style is common for campus couples who are enjoying their moments of young love.


Stripes is another basic that is easy to pair, and couples like to wear it for a casual yet chic daily look.

Statement shirts

Nothing says “we’re together” more loudly than matching shirts that either have fun designs or witty statements.

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