YG Entertainment Chosen In List Of Top 100 Workplaces In South Korea

YG Entertainment was notably the only entertainment agency named as one of the 100 best workplaces in South Korea.

On June 28, it was revealed that YG Entertainment was named by the Ministry of Employment and Labor as one of the top 100 places to work.

The list of the top 100 workplaces is a part of an initiative of President Moon Jae In to increase the quality and quantity of the workforce. The companies on the list were chosen by taking into account which companies produced successful results in regards to creating jobs, employment turnover rates, work-life balance, changes in pay according to hours worked, and more.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor analyzed employment growth and data for a year, conducted both onsite surveys and inspections, and asked for the opinion of labor unions before finalizing the list.

YG Entertainment was selected for how it has continuously pushed for employment of youths and women, and received high scores for their long-term employment, leadership, and job stability. The company also previously received a commendation from President Moon Jae In last December.

CEO of YG Entertainment Yang Min Suk stated, “As a developed company that will continue to spread our pop culture to the rest of the world, we will operate with an even greater sense of responsibility. We plan to continue to employ talented individuals in South Korea and grow together.”

Another source from YG Entertainment stated, “With over 154 new hires, our personnel has increased by 60 percent. We are a company that has led magnified youth employment, with 88 percent of our hiring centered around youth employment.”

Yang Hyun Suk also posted on his Instagram to celebrate the agency placing among the top 100 workplaces. In his post, he shares photos of a certificate for the achievement, and shared that their their goal is “to become the best contents production company.” He also gave an update on Seungri’s upcoming solo album, saying their current goal is to create the best album possible for the BIGBANG member.


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