Cast Of “Rich Man, Poor Woman” Share Thoughts After The End Of The Drama

MBN’s “Rich Man, Poor Woman” aired its final episode on June 28, and the cast members each shared their thoughts on concluding the drama.

EXO’s Suho, who played the prickly yet lovable Lee Yoo Chan, shared, “I’m happy that I was able to work and create new relationships with a good director, writer, staff members, and the cast. Thank you to everyone who empathized with Lee Yoo Chan. I will always work hard to always act with sincerity.”

Suho also posted on EXO’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts, sharing a couple selfies, and stated, “Thank you for loving Lee Yoo Chan of ‘Rich Man, Poor Woman’ until now! I was able to enjoy acting and filming thanks to the viewers, including EXO-Ls, who believed and watched me until the end. I hope I will return with a different kind of character. Thank you. I love you!”

Ha Yeon Soo, who took on the role of optimistic Kim Bo Ra, commented, “In the deep sea that is ‘Rich Man, Poor Woman’ I was able to cruise in a ship steered by the director and excellent staff. Thank you for making me, who wasn’t much, into Kim Bo Ra.”

Oh Chang Suk, who received praise for his acting as Min Tae Joo, shared, “Thank you to the viewers of ‘Rich Man, Poor Woman’ who showed interest and support until the end. I will return with better acting in the future. Please be healthy and happy.”

Kim Ye Won, who played Min Tae Ra, expressed, “‘Rich Man’ was a work where I was able to experience a new kind of chemistry. Though it wasn’t easy at first, I think I was able to show more and more of Min Tae Ra’s charms as the drama continued. I was encouraged by the viewers’ support and was able to continue filming. I want to sincerely thank everyone who gave a lot of love to ‘Rich Man, Poor Woman.'”

Through his agency, Lee Jae Jin shared, “Every time I filmed ‘Rich Man, Poor Woman,’ it was enjoyable and helpful. I gained a lot of personal motivation, and it was a time during which I learnt a lot about where I have to improve. I was able to experience working with lots of people on different things that I usually don’t work on. I think it’ll be a drama that I’ll never forget.”

The actor added, “‘Rich Man, Poor Woman’ was something that many people worked on together, so it was really great. The staff members who stayed up through the night without losing concentration and the actors who shared their deep thoughts and worries about acting with one another were all amazing. I would especially be thankful and happy if I could work with director Min Doo Sik again. Though I was pressured to portray my role well, it was through his direction that we were able to end successfully. I will work even harder to come back with an even better work.”

If you haven’t already, watch the entire series beginning with the first episode below!

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