Petition Related To Jang Ja Yeon's Sexual Abuse Case Gains Attention As Witness Emerges

A government petition related to the late actress Jang Ja Yeon has been gaining attention after the recent news of there being a witness to her sexual abuse case.

Actress Jang Ja Yeon, who was known for starring in the drama “Boys Over Flowers,” died by suicide back in March 2009, leaving behind a final letter revealing that she had been forced to sexually entertain figures in the business and media world. At the time, the police cleared about 10 names charged for sexual abuse that were mentioned in the actress’s list, and the case ended with only the actress’s agency CEO and manager being charged for assault and defamation.

On June 28, JTBC’s “Newsroom” reported that Jang Ja Yeon’s former colleague Miss Yoon, who had been in the same agency, was actually a witness to the sexual harassment case at the time.

Miss Yoon explained, “There were both business and political figures present at the place. I gave a consistent testimony [at the time], but they received only the perpetrator’s claims.”

She continued, saying, “They made sexually harassing statements such as ‘A woman has to have a pretty figure,’ but there was no one to restrain it. There were also moments of physical sexual harassment. There were two or three times when they would forcibly sit [Jang Ja Yeon] down whenever she tried to get up.

“I felt guilty that I couldn’t make right the injustice that [Jang Ja Yeon] had [received]. All I did was tell it like it is, but when I saw that it was being kept hidden, I became afraid,” she confessed.

After Miss Yoon’s interview was released, a national petition related to the case was posted on the homepage for government petitions and is receiving lots of attention. If a petition receives 200,000 participants within the 30 days, a government official must give an official reply within a month.

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