Lee Sung Kyung Takes On A Nerve-Racking Audition In “About Time”

tvN’s “About Time” has released stills of Lee Sung Kyung dominating the scene with her fantastic a cappella solo.

“About Time” tells the story of Choi Michaela (played by Lee Sung Kyung), a musical actress who has the special ability to see how much time others have left to live, and Lee Do Ha (Lee Sang Yoon), a self-absorbed musical producer who comes to love her. In the recent episodes, she is trying to redirect the pain of breaking up with Lee Do Ha through intense practice.

Even when production of a musical is about to collapse due to conflicts between Lee Do Ha and director Jo Jae Yoo (played by ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun), she continues to practice non-stop and improves her skills.

In episode 12, during Choi Michaela and Jo Jae Yoo’s “chicken and beer time,” she surprised Jo Jae Yoo with her sharp analysis of Yeon Hee, the heroine of “Yeon Hee’s Time Goes Backwards.” Jo Jae Yoo informed her of the possibility of a “new opportunity” by expressing his admiration and saying, “Your eyes really looked like Yeon Hee’s for a moment there.”

Now, still cuts of Choi Michaela auditioning in front of Jo Jae Yoo, “a moment of intense tension,” have been released. In the scene, Jo Jae Yoo makes a surprise visit to the practice room and suggests Choi Michaela to do an immediate audition.

Choi Michaela, who is summoned to the audition by Jo Jae Yoo without knowing much English, must interpret a song within 10 minutes. Jo Jae Yoo listens to Choi Michaela’s song with sharp eyes as she sings with a nervous look on her face. The next episode will reveal if “Super nervous Michaela” was able to satisfy Jo Jae Yoo’s “super ear.”

On the other hand, Lee Sung Kyung received the nickname of “Audition Master,” as she partook in her fourth audition in the drama. She performed “My Pink Lady” in the first episode, “As You Live” next, and Yeon Hee’s solo track in her audition to be the understudy for the lead female role. Finally, for her fourth audition, she sings a new song, “I Will.”

Lee Sung Kyung’s rich voice, which resonated through the practice room and expressed Yeon Hee’s passionate feelings with great impact, impressed the entire crew.

The production crew said, ‘”Choi Michaela’s endless challenges and passionate performance will move the viewers in a new way and immerse them in a different way as well. In particular, the upcoming broadcast will get the ball rolling for the production of the musical, ‘Yeon Hee’s Time Goes Backwards,’ which has faced many difficulties thus far, and leave viewers with a satisfying end.”

“About Time” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. KST. Check out the first episode below!

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